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Logan Paul says he's proud of 'insane' amount of money Prime made this year

Logan Paul says he's proud of 'insane' amount of money Prime made this year

Logan Paul says he and KSI have sold a staggering amount of drinks this year

Logan Paul has said Prime's sales figures have been 'insane' in its second year and revealed the staggering amount of energy drinks he and KSI have sold.

A London lad recently won £400,000 from Prime after winning its competition and correctly guessing a six-digit code which got him a bottle made out of gold.

The challenge was to guess the correct combination within 48 hours otherwise the golden bar shaped like a bottle would be incinerated.

The golden bottle in London has been successfully won, but the one in New York was torched and dropped into molten lava.

Not everyone was a fan of the competition's outcome, but if they can afford to melt down a gold bar worth £400,000 for a competition then things must be going pretty well for Logan Paul and KSI.

A lucky winner was able to pick up a gold bar shaped like a bottle of prime, the other was melted down in lava.

Places that have stocked bottles of Prime have seen people flock to the shelves to get a bottle or two of the stuff, with some places beset by chaos as customers have rushed to get a bottle before they're all gone.

This has all added up to some quite significant figures for Paul and KSI, the YouTubers turned boxers turned drinks sellers.

Logan Paul says the drink he and KSI launched has made $1.2 billion in sales in their second year.

Logan Paul was recently telling Fox's Stuart Varney that in the second year that Prime has been a thing they've sold $1.2 billion (£980 million) worth of drinks.

He said: "Do you know what we did this year in terms of revenue?

"One point two B. I have to say I'm proud of it, I'm gonna be arrogant for a second and say that's insane.

"Two YouTubers founded a hydration company and did $1.2 billion revenue in their second year, we're the fastest growing hydration beverage in history.

"I don't know how we got here. The marketing's great, the product's great we have great distributors. Very blessed Varney, very blessed."

Now that $1.2 billion won't all be going into Logan Paul's pocket as that's revenue and not profit, and whatever he's left with at the end of the day he has to split with KSI.

He's still doing the boxing and now some wrestling on the side, recently picking up a win in the ring against MMA fighter Dillon Danis after a disqualification.

However, some people took to social media to ask whether he would refund people who'd invested in CryptoZoo, his personal NFT project, now that Prime seems to be doing so well.

Featured Image Credit: Fox/Instagram/@KSI

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