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Savage Scottish Grandma Doesn't Have Time For Your Shit Or Potato Scones

Savage Scottish Grandma Doesn't Have Time For Your Shit Or Potato Scones

A brutal put down.

The Great British Bakeoff is looking for a replacement for Mary Berry, a national treasure, now that it's moved TV channels and I think we've found exactly the right sort of person to guide the contestants to baking perfection.

May I to you present Hazel Ramsay. She's 77 years old, a grandmother and an avid baker - and she knows good baking when she sees it, and isn't afraid to say if it's not up to scratch.

But she doesn't have the twinkle in her eye like Mary Berry - instead she has truly savage put downs. Even better!

When one of her Facebook friends called Alison tried to make potato scones for the first time, Hazel gently nurtured her mate's growing talent in the only way she knows how.

Credit: Facebook

She wrote: "Sorry Alison but they look shite hope they tasted better than they looked I've no tried the recipe yet I will post a picture."

Hazel's granddaughter, Row, posted it to Twitter too...

He's also sent a pic of his gran with top scones...

And, as a Scotswoman myself I can say she's absolutely right - Alison's potato scones are not up to scratch. They look like they'd taste gritty and they don't look like they've been cooked properly.

Potato scones are an important part of the Scottish diet - they're like a flat scone but they're made of potato and are savoury. They're delicious - slather on some better, pour yourself a cup of tea and you're good to go. Don't care about it? Well from all of Scotland, you can go and fuck yourself.

Let's get Hazel her own cooking programme!

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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