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Chris Evans Has A Pop At KKK Leader David Duke On Twitter

Chris Evans Has A Pop At KKK Leader David Duke On Twitter

Very Captain America.

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Celebrities are savagely putting down racists, bigots and trolls on Twitter these days - and all we can do is applaud.

Chris Evans showed us that he's not just a superhero on the silver screen and takes on Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. To be honest, it would be a good Captain America movie, too.

I remember learning about the KKK in school in history - about lynching black people and Jim Crow laws. But I was surprised to learn they still exist!

Here's what happened.

Jeff "Make America Alabama Again" Sessions, a politician who was once denied a federal judgeship because he used a racial slur in court, has been sworn in as the new US Attorney General on Thursday.

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The seventy year old man has had a fairly controversial career.

He once publically joked about the KKK, saying he thought they were OK until he heard they smoked marijuana.

Right, well priorities...Sessions is very down on weed - and people are worrying he's going to criminalise it in the states where you can use it legally. To be honest that's the least of the worries regarding Sessions.

Sessions has been supporting Donald Trump from the beginning. He supports limiting legal immigration, arguing that it protects American jobs and also backs Trump's plan to build a wall along the US-Mexican border.

And the KKK connection comes out again - former leader David Duke has publically endorsed Sessions as Attorney General. And Chris Evans says that just shows that the decision to appoint him is "unequivocally wrong".

And David Duke decided to take on Captain America - stupid idea really. He is untouchable, DD! He survived getting frozen for 70 years! And he took on Iron Man and won. He's the best of all the Avengers and his bicep is bigger than my head.

Duke isn't one for witty comebacks, though, and hit out at him by calling him a "Typical dumb actor".

Chris tweeted back: "well if these nuggets of bigotry are some of your OTHER thoughts, then I stand by my original tweet."

And he posted a link of Duke's quotes which are awful to read, although unsurprising considering he used to lead the KKK. The white supremicist denies the Holocaust took place. He wants to wipe out Jews. He says that he doesn't want Black people to live near him and compares them to savages. He wants America to preserve it's whiteness. He doesn't like gay people. He doesn't like much, to be honest.

He certainly doesn't like Chris Evans but I think that's pretty mutual.

Chris definitely won that one.

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