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Fake Conor McGregor Trolls Fans In Los Angeles Prank Video

Fake Conor McGregor Trolls Fans In Los Angeles Prank Video

Conor McGregor has been pretty much everywhere of late. His fight against Floyd Mayweather has been pretty much the sporting story of 2017.

However, with the world press wanting his attention every minute of the day, he can't be everywhere at once.


Thankfully, one man can step up to help. Meet stand-in Islam Badurgov.

The Kazakhstan street workout expert normally doesn't even look like Conor - he's not even Irish - but with a little bit of make-up it's amazing what you can do.

Credit: Facebook

He's certainly built like the MMA-fighter-turned-boxer, if not with a little more muscle, and he recently took to the streets of Los Angeles to fool some hardcore UFC fans.


The fans can be excused slightly. After all, McGregor is only up the road in Las Vegas preparing for his fight against Mayweather.

Dressed in an open shirt, adding sunglasses and a fake beard, Badurgov certainly looked the part.

Badurgov beforehand. Credit: Instagram

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Video Surfaces Showing Conor McGregor 'Punching Man In Pub'

Video Surfaces Showing Conor McGregor 'Punching Man In Pub'

He walked, McGregor-style, to different sites across the American city, and a camera crew captured all the unfolding hysteria on camera.

On the Muscle Madness YouTube page, it is clear to see how the fans adored his impression (thinking he was the real deal). Many also took to their social media to claim they'd met the guy.

In a Facebook post, Badurgov highlighted how he'd been successful in convincing mass crowds.

He wrote: "Friends, meet Arthur Topelov... famous Kazakhstan actor. He was the main mob in our prank.

"As soon as he screamed Conor McGregor, the crowd went crazy and screamed with him. Without him, our video wouldn't have gotten so interesting and wouldn't have spilled on the internet."

In another, the street workout genius showed his support for McGregor in the upcoming fight.

"The prank was created to support great warrior Conor McGregor... in his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather. We truly believe in his victory."

Of course, McGregor and Mayweather have so far just stuck to the four official media meetings. Over a series of press conferences, in America and Europe, the pair verbally sparred teasing us ahead of the big fight.

Both took digs at each other, and with reports that Conor was knocked out in training - something both camps have denied happened - Mayweather still remains the heavy favourite.

The fight takes place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on 26 August, with some fans paying as much as £23,000 for a ringside seat on the night.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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