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Pilot Helps Out A Mate By Dropping Him A Subway From His Plane

Pilot Helps Out A Mate By Dropping Him A Subway From His Plane

If you've ever worked on the land, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you might have craved some fast food, but know full well that it'd be at least a 30-minute drive. If you've experienced that sensation then you'll wish you had a mate like Nathan Howatt.

The pilot has posted an incredible video on Facebook, showing just how much of a good mate he is. The caption reads: "Had to fly to Devils Lake for a dentist appointment this morning, figured I better help out and drop a meal to a hungry buddy on my flight back home. Was still warm when he got it."

But you have to watch the video to believe it.


Credit: WDAY 6

On his way back from Devils Lake, he picked up a six-inch toasted Subway melt, with pepper jack cheese, ranch sauce and banana peppers. But obviously he can't just land his plane anywhere and offload the delicious sub, so he found exactly where his mate was and tossed it outside the plane.

Incredibly, it was perfectly fine, despite hitting the ground hard.

The post has gone viral on Facebook, attracting 36,000 likes and nearly double the number of shares. Many people have tagged their mates, asking how long until they can get their pilot's licence to recreate the moment.

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Subway has even reposted the video on their Facebook page with the caption: "Friend level: Expert." However, it didn't go so well for pilot Nathan, who reportedly received a fine from the Federal Aviation Administration for performing the food drop.

The man on the ground is reportedly Mitchell Wirth, a young farmer from rural North Dakota. To be fair, if I had a mate who could fly planes, I would definitely be asking for the odd lunch or two thrown at me.

I wonder if food delivery services will utilise this method any time soon?

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Howatt/Facebook

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