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Rachel Riley Had To Spell Out The Word 'Bumhole' On Countdown

Rachel Riley Had To Spell Out The Word 'Bumhole' On Countdown


Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

If you've ever been round to your nan's while Countdown is on, then you know how boring it can be.

It's so boring, in fact, it took my dad three years to realise that Carol Vorderman had been replaced by Rachel Riley - which is odd, Rachel Riley is probably the main attraction for watching Countdown.

If you're not gorping at the 30-year-old, you're probably waiting for a rude word to come up.

Luckily, that happened today.

Both contestants only managed a five letter word, but lexicographer Susie Dent was able to come up with a seven to trump their efforts.

The only problem was that Susie was a little too embarrassed to say the word, which turned out to be 'bumhole'.

Credit: SWNS

A sheepish looking Rachel put the word up on the board which got a ripple of laughter.

Surely there's a rule that says the funniest word instantly wins?

In the past the Oxford graduate has had to spell out 'erection', 'slutz', 'todgers' and 'orgasmed', which, you know, is just about the most entertainment you can get from daytime television.

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