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This Lad Didn't Know His Wife Had Used One Of His Socks As A Tanning Mitt

This Lad Didn't Know His Wife Had Used One Of His Socks As A Tanning Mitt


Claire Reid

Claire Reid

If you're a lad with a girlfriend you've probably had a fair few of your hoodies nicked over the years, not to mention your T-shirts, that she likes to sleep in; it's no big deal, you usually get them back in more or less the same condition, right?

However, this guy's wife took clothes-borrowing to a new level.

Michael Onorati was rushing around getting ready for work. He grabbed the first pair of socks he could find and headed out to work. One 12 hour shift later and Michael returned home, took off his shoes and socks and noticed that one foot looked slightly darker than the other.

Michael didn't think too much of it at the time. He told TheLADbible: "I'd fallen asleep not really giving it a second thought... well, that was until I woke up," when Michael was greeted with this:

Credit: Facebook/Michael Onorati

And the front: Credit: Facebook/Stephanie Wylie

"I genuinely thought I'd got frost bite or some other weird infection. I was just sat there, thinking 'what the fuck is happening?' and was trying to wash it off, in case it was just dye. I was Googling all sorts of weird foot infections and getting a bit creeped out by this point.

"That was until my wife Stephanie came down stairs and started laughing - hysterically - at my foot. I was still panicking and I said to her, 'calm down I don't know what's going on here I'm ready to call NHS 24!' By now, she's like hyperventilating trying to get her words out. That, in fact, the day before she'd be unable to find her fake tanning mitt and decided to use one of my socks instead."

Michael isn't alone, either. Check out this other poor lad who has fallen victim to the fake-tan-mitt-sock trap.

Credit: Facebook/Johnny Thompson

And let's not forget poor Adam Sandler, though the reasons for his black foot were very different.

Credit: Mr Deeds/Movie Clips

Luckily for Michael, Stephanie has now found her tanning mitt.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema