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Goosebump-Inducing Video Shows 100-Man Brawl Breaking Out In Wetherspoons

Goosebump-Inducing Video Shows 100-Man Brawl Breaking Out In Wetherspoons

No-one knows how it started but no-one really cares.

Video has emerged of a mass bar brawl in a Wetherspoons confirming that 2017 is already massively better than 2016.

In scenes highly reminiscent of the pub fight in Trainspotting, punters can be seen throwing punches left, right and centre in the footage caught in the early hours of Sunday morning in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Image: Tommy Arkle

The video uploaded by Tommy Arkle has been viewed over 540,000 times was captioned: "Last night got way too out of hand." Tommy remarkably managed to avoid the 100-man commotion, and we should be thankful. If he'd gotten caught up in it, we wouldn't have his saving grace Facebook video.

One man in the eye of the hurricane, 22-year-old Nick Smith told the Sun: "Everything is a blur because it happened so quickly.

"I was walking to the bar when everything just went mental.

Video: Tommy Arkle

"The last thing I remember is being punched in the eye and then being bottled.

"I've got a slashed eye and two lumps on my head."

Tommy himself said the clash made his heart race, claiming he had just come back from the bar when everything kicked off.

Image: Facebook/Nick Smith

He told the Sun: "I think it just started between three guys, but then it turned into a free-for-all.

"There have been fights in the past there but nothing to this extreme.

"I managed to stay out of the way and just film it on my phone.

The fight has been widely condemned by JD Wetherspoon chiefs who said they have "never encountered" anything like it.

Images: Tommy Arkle

"We completely condemn the action of a large number of people at our pub in Trowbridge," a spokesman said.

"The incident caused distress to our staff and regular customers.

"The pub has never encountered an incident like this.

"We will work with the police to ensure that those involved are brought to justice."

Image: Tommy Arkle

It is unclear what exactly provoked the free-for-all. Officers are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

My guess is that some bastard got served within seconds of queuing up ahead of five men who had been there for five minutes. If so, I don't blame them for smashing up the gaff.

Featured Image Credit: Tommy Arkle/Nick Smith