Heartbroken Lilian Cox Calls Boris Johnson A ‘W*****’ After Twin Tragically Dies Of Covid

Heartbroken Lilian Cox Calls Boris Johnson A ‘W*****’ After Twin Tragically Dies Of Covid

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Clarkson, Hammond And May Reveal The Last Thing On Their Phones

Clarkson, Hammond And May Reveal The Last Thing On Their Phones

If you were to ask people, in this day and age, what their worst nightmare is, they'd probably say people going through their phone.

It's a night terror very much representing 'millennials', but given the shady shit that goes on these days, you can't blame people for being very secretive about them.

Three amigos were quite open about the last thing they'd done on their phones, and, luckily, it was three lads we're all very much interested in - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Currently promoting their upcoming Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour, which launches on Friday, the trio were asked by WIRED to reveal the last pictures they took, the most recent texts they sent and their last Internet searches. Of course, there was talk of dick pics, porn and how to change an email address - you get no reward for guessing that the latter was James May.


In all honesty, when a video begins with the question: "What was the last photo you took?," and the first reply is Jeremy Clarkson saying: "It's my penis," you know you're in for a good watch.

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Why Clarkson, Hammond And May Have The Greatest Bromance


Footage Of Clarkson, Hammond And May Filming Their New Series

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The 56-year-old then goes on to claim that Hammond has a picture of himself and May touching each other in a changing room and that The Hamster is an avid watcher of youporn's content.

The three mates have a rather odd collection of alarms set on their phones, but the notes that they've left provokes a lot of questions.


Hammond says that he'd left an incoherent reminder to himself that Einstein was still dead, while Clarkson had written: "Kate Winslet something to tell us, yes diarrhoea see pic on people in bins," to which he rounds off with 'fucking MailOnline'.

What this does is just heighten the excitement of seeing these three back on our screens, with their unrivalled chemistry sure to make The Grand Tour one of the best programmes of the year.

Featured image credit: WIRED

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