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Facebook Page 'Boyfriends Of Instagram' Is Something You Need To Get On

Facebook Page 'Boyfriends Of Instagram' Is Something You Need To Get On

Funny and true.



Once on a holiday in The Philippines I saw a Russian couple on the beach. They spent a good hour taking photos of each other posing in the waves and the woman even changed into a few different bikinis.

It was probably one of the more cringey things I've ever seen. But I knew instantly what they were doing - they were taking photos for the 'Gram.

In that case, both of them were at it, but for the most part, it's the males of the species who are forced to take the perfect shot of their partner in a cute Parisian location, nibbling at a brioche again and again until she's finally happy. These men are saints.

On Boyfriends of Instagram there are hundreds of phones of the behind-the-scenes of the best photos on Instagram. There are pictures of the men crouching, climbing and getting into weird positions to get the perfect shot.

The photos show just how staged all the Instagram photos of famous bloggers and influencers really are - and how a lot of their success is down to their boyfriends or husbands.

A really popular picture is the "follow me" - where the woman is leading the man and he has to take a photo of her and also his own hand being held. It's pretty hard to take a one handed photo at the best of times. You got to hand it to these guys.

Another guys perches on the edge of a hot tub while taking a photo from above of his partner and all her friends.

He wasn't even allowed in the hot tub. Poor guy.

But don't worry guys, there's a support group for Instagram husbands - a safe place where they can go and talk about how they're not allowed to eat food until they've taken photos of it anymore. About how Instagram has taken over their lives.

Jeff Houghton, an Instagram husband, said: "Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me and a brick wall."

Trey George describes himself as a "human selfie stick".

They share their problems in this satirical but also slightly real video about what they're forced to do because their other half is obsessed with Instagram.

One of them even bought his lady friend a selfie stick - and she got annoyed! There's no way you're getting out of taking photos of her. No way.

Words by Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: Boyfriends of Instagram/Facebook

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