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Joe Biden Receiving Medal Of Freedom Turns Into Meme

Joe Biden Receiving Medal Of Freedom Turns Into Meme

Of course.

When Bob Dylan sang the times they are a-changin' back in 1963, he couldn't have imagined it would serve so long as a truism that it would be used by me here on TheLADbible half a century later in reference to the closing presidency of Barack Obama.

On January 20, he will hand over the keys to Donald Trump and (probably) go collapse on his bed and not wake up for a decade. Leaders always like to tell us they won't be going away from the public eye, but end up doing so anyway. Last time I saw George Bush he was doing the Ice-Bucket Challenge. And David Cameron, I'm sure, has fled to Papua New Guinea.

If you judged things by Twitter, and God I hope you don't, you will find that people seem to be mourning the end of the Obama/Biden 'bromance' memes more than deterioration of a healthcare system and literate presidents.

Americans don't know when they'll see the pair together again in the future, meaning fewer memes, and are now going all out on the picture of Vice President Biden receiving his Medal of Freedom. Take a look at our pick here.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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