Lingerie Tycoon Shares Embarrassing Moment She Mistook A Man For Child

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Lingerie Tycoon Shares Embarrassing Moment She Mistook A Man For Child

It happens all the bloody time - you're minding your own business at an entrepreneurs' conference in Vietnam and a 'child' comes running up to you in front of 3000 people asking for a selfie so you pick him up like the kid he is only for it to turn out to be a 46-year-old married man.

That's exactly what happened to Scottish lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone after the lad, standing no higher than a five-year-old, came running up to her during her speech at the conference.

Completely mistaking the man for a kid, she picked him up as though he was an adoring child fan and gave him a cuddle in front of 3000 people.

As she prepared for a selfie, the man's wife shouted out, "Put him down - I'm his wife!" and the entire crowd began howling with laughter.


Baroness Mone, a Tory peer, told the Mail on Sunday: "The guy was fine with it and the whole room was screaming with laughter.

"I thought something was wrong - his teeth were bright yellow from nicotine."

Mone, the founder of the Ultimo underwear chain, tweeted to her one million followers about 'her most embarrassing moment'.


Some people think the post is simply for publicity given she's launching a new product soon but we don't particularly care, it's just a funny story.

Words by George Pavlou

Images via Lady Mone/Twitter

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