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Mia Khalifa Absolutely Roasts Fan Who Got Her Face Tattooed On His Leg

Mia Khalifa Absolutely Roasts Fan Who Got Her Face Tattooed On His Leg

She hasn't held back.

Now that Mia Khalifa has moved away from the porn industry, focusing more on being a webcam model, she has a lot more time to dedicate to her true passion - being a savage.

The Lebanese personality never holds back on Twitter when people slide into her DMs, but her response to a super fan who got a tattoo of her is on another level.

The poor lad made the incredibly odd decision to get Mia's face permanently inked onto his leg, prompting her to go in on him on Instagram and Twitter, labelling him an idiot and then going on to explain why the tat is shit.

"What kind of two-for-one special did you get this tattoo on?," she wrote. "I look like I just crawled out of the depths of hell nose first.

"What kind of dumbass would permanently mark their body with this? This isn't cool or flattering... You're an idiot.

"Good luck explaining this to any future significant others. Idiot."

I can't imagine it's too heartwarming to go and spend a load of money on a tribute to someone that you adore, only for them to insult you and then tell you that they don't like it. Don't get me wrong, it's awful, but what a poor bloke.

We may see him appear on Tattoo Fixers sooner or later.

Some more incredible and bizarre tats...

He can seek solitude in the fact that he doesn't have Ian Beale on his skin for the rest of his life, though.

Credit: E4

Amber-May Ellis got an iconic picture of the EastEnders character tattooed on her thigh after losing out on a drunken bet.

Appearing on E4's Tattoo Fixers, instead of having the monstrosity covered up, the fixers decided they'd jazz it up instead; finishing the job and adding in the phrase "Keep it real like Ian Beale."

Then there was this guy who, in order to show his love and appreciation for British national treasures Ant and Dec, took the plunge and inked them onto his arse.

Looking lovingly at one another from their respected cheeks, the pair can be seen sucking some spaghetti from the man's arsehole.

The whole thing took five hours, split evenly between each cheek and was done by Steve Bell on Lee Crane's rear end.

Credit: Lee Crane/Steve Bell

Dayne Purvis, a Leicester fan, paid a touching tribute to the WKD warrior Jamie Vardy.

Over the last year the English forward made waves around the world, helping the East Midlands team win the Premier League as well as breaking a few individual records.

"My mates bet me that if Leicester won the league this year i had to get 'chat shit get banged' tattooed on me, instead of waiting on them winning it, one day drunk in Brighton I decided to get it anyways."

Credit: Dayne Purvis

The most famous of Jamie Vardy's rather regrettable pre-England tweets, immortalised forever in ink on skin. A reminder to us all (and Jamie Vardy in particular) that the silly things we say on social media could very well haunt us forever - be careful out there.

There's got to be some even worse tattoos out there? Get in touch with us on [email protected] if you think you can out shine the shitness of this guy's tat.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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