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Woman Who Tried To Distract Baseball Player With Her Breasts Has Been Found

Woman Who Tried To Distract Baseball Player With Her Breasts Has Been Found

Some people were not happy with her.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

From what I've observed, baseball can get a bit boring. Unless of course it's the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and a team is close to victory.

So, one spectator tried to spice things up during the Marlins game against the St Louis Cardinals in Miami by distracting a Cardinals pitcher with her assets.

The 22-year-old did a little shimmy and then got on with watching the match. Despite her distraction attempt, the Marlins lost 7-5.

But the small act didn't go down well with some:

It even prompted a response from the Marlins squad:

The woman of the moment, Korina Evaniuk, thought the reaction was a bit much:

She was a guest of Laurence Leavy, a fan popularly known as Marlins Man who dresses up in the team colours.

He's told the Post: "I didn't know what happened. When I came back, people were like, 'Did you hear what happened?'.

"Then the Marlins sent me a text message, 'You need to keep you girls under control, they cannot be flashing on TV it's not appropriate. Bringing them is one thing to have fun, but the actions aren't good for the image and we can't condone it'."

Korina told Inside Edition: "I just shimmied my boobs a bit but I guess the whole internet just broke after that. I actually didn't even think I was caught on camera because it was so fast."

She says that her dad doesn't yet know about the incident but promises she won't do it again if she goes to another game.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Inside Edition

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