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Nine-Week-Old Baby Has A Bouffant Hair Do And Is Cooler Than You

Nine-Week-Old Baby Has A Bouffant Hair Do And Is Cooler Than You

Jono Yates

Jono Yates

The vast majority of us emerge into this world bald as coots. Miniature Bobby Charltons screaming bloody murder. Heads akin to wispy, shrivelled scrotums. But not this lad.

At just nine weeks old, Junior Cox-Noon has more hair on his head than a barber shop floor. Just look at that barnet. He makes Marouane Fellaini look like Jason Statham. Is his father actually that chap from LMFAO who's sexy and knows it?

Credit: Mirror

He's been nicknamed 'Baby Bear' by his older brothers because of his brilliant bouffant. His mother, 32-year-old Chelsea, has a real nightmare when she goes out in public with him because people incessantly stop her to marvel at Junior's magnificent locks. A routine shop for groceries can easily turn into a two hour ordeal.

"All the midwives and health visitors said it would fall out because baby hair usually comes out when they rub their head on the back of the cot, but he hasn't lost any of it and it has grown", Chelsea told the Mirror. "People say to me are you going to cut it, but it's too unique so I'm going to leave it as it is."

Apparently Junior cries to get his own way with his mother, shattering my illusion of him having a voice like Barry White. Baritone, smooth and calm: "Chelsea, baby, we've spoken about the hairdryer.

Anyway, we wish Junior all the best for his inevitable career as the frontman of a 70s disco revival band. God speed, you hairy maverick.

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