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Plane Makes Terrifying Landing In Heavy Winds During Storm Barra


Plane Makes Terrifying Landing In Heavy Winds During Storm Barra

So here's a video you probably shouldn't watch if you're afraid of flying... ever. Take a look at a plane attempting to land in heavy winds caused by Storm Barra earlier this week:


Now, it's difficult enough committing to hurtling through the sky in a tin can at 500km/h, let alone do it after watching this!

A plane made THE most terrifying landing while Storm Barra raged at Manchester Airport this week.


Everywhere in the UK barring the north of Scotland is currently under a yellow weather warning due to the storm and gusts of wind have already been recorded at over 70 miles per hour in various parts of Ireland.

And to make things worse, those speeds could continue to increase as the storm progresses.

Having said that, the pilot miraculously managed to land the plane in the horrific conditions.

Credit: Storyful News
Credit: Storyful News

The viral video shows the small white aircraft approaching the runway over the cameraperson's head on Tuesday (7 December)

A gust of wind from the left of the shot must have been blowing in hard and wild because the plane's tail swings out to the right in an awkward position.

You can almost imagine the pilot sweating in the cockpit trying to battle that gust.

I almost thought at one point he or she had determined the best way to land the vehicle was sideways... But too many Hollywood action flicks will never make that a reality.

Credit: Storyful News
Credit: Storyful News

Call him or her Sully because the pilot flying the plane pulled every plug out to land the aircraft safely on the runway.

I can just imagine that tragic round of applause that follows every short-haul flight in the continent only followed by a long ten-hour silence where every passenger remained in their seat, mouth agape, hands shaking.

Could you pay me to take that flight? Not a chance.

Credit: Storyful News
Credit: Storyful News

As terrifying as the storm appears in this video, it is yet to beat the ferocity of Storm Arwen that struck the UK back in November.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Storm Arwen one of the worst the UK had seen in a long time, according to BBC News.

Photos from across the country showed collapsed trees and homes and sadly, 3 people died as a result of the raging storm.


Let's just hope we don't have the same devastating outcome from Storm Barra.

Words: Charlie Metcalfe

Featured Image Credit: Storyful News

Topics: Weather, UK News, Storm

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