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Aldi shopper shares 'despicable' hack to help them speed up packing

Aldi shopper shares 'despicable' hack to help them speed up packing

A ‘genius’ Aldi shopper has found a hack that people are branding as 'despicable'

A ‘genius’ Aldi shopper has found a packing hack that people are branding ‘despicable’.

Packing your items away in Aldi should be classed as an Olympic sport, and it's no doubt a stressful process that most of us have been through.

You’re standing in the queue and you’re quite literally limbering up for the quickest scan and pack experience of your life.

Well, not anymore thanks to one Aldi shopper who has been named a ‘genius’ for their hack.

Now, the whole idea in the German supermarket is to speed up the till process by packing bags away from the area.

But a new hack has left shoppers divided about whether it's a great idea or just an inconvenience to other shoppers.

Another Aldi hack is doing the rounds online.
Marques Thomas on Unsplash

The trick - posted on an Aldi Facebook group in Australia - is to space individual items far apart on the conveyor belt, which forces staff to have to wait for them to reach the till.

The post, alongside a picture of the person’s fruit, milk, orange juice, and other goods drastically spaced out, was captioned: “In your face Aldi. Just so we got time to pack".

Many were seriously impressed by the genius method, with one saying: “Round of applause - this is genius."

While another said: Ohhhh I love it! Packing at Aldi should be an Olympic sport."

But some people were arguing over the fact that shoppers should really be packing away their things at the bench which can be found at the end of the tills.

The trick is to space out your shopping on the conveyor belt.
Facebook/Aldi Fans Australia WS

One pointed out: “People like you packing their bags at the register are so annoying and selfish. Try packing at the bench like everyone else."

And another added: "I despise when people do this."

But a member of staff who was in the Facebook group where the hack was posted said: “I have customers do this, I just put my arm up to move the belt, let it all build up then start scanning."

And another said: “When I worked at Aldi and people did this, I would hold the first item back from the sensor with my arm until everything piled up."

Damn it.

People were divided by the packing hack.
Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Well, it turns out the method has actually been tried many times before.

Two members of staff at Aldi claimed that it’s a trick many have tried to adopt, and that its employees already have ways to overcome it.

But it seems as though this isn’t the only Aldi-shopping hack that has been stumbled across, as one mum now refuses to use bags to pack away her shopping.

Instead, she uses her laundry baskets, and people have also branded her a genius.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images / Facebook/Aldi Fans Australia WS

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