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Divorce coach reveals nine things people regret about separating from their partner

Divorce coach reveals nine things people regret about separating from their partner

Preparation is key when going through divorce

Divorce is often listed among the most stressful experiences people go through along with moving house, job loss and bereavement.

According to Psychology Today, up to 80 percent of people regret divorcing after experiencing unexpected consequences.

As the UK introduced the 'the biggest shake-up of divorce law for 50 years' this week, it's important to know what you're getting into when divorcing your spouse.

Three divorce experts spoke to Stylist about the nine things many of their clients regretted when going through divorce.

Preparing too late

Salma Khan, a divorce coach explained that filing for divorce without knowing what it entails makes for a bumpy ride.

They said: “Many people regret not having enough information from the get-go, so arming yourself with support and information is key.”

Working with a divorce coach or doing your own research before the relationship hits breaking point will save a lot of heartache further down the line.

Researching a solicitor is key, according to the experts.
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Not bothering to interview the solicitor

Divorce coach Nawal Houghton said: “When choosing someone to represent you, it’s a good idea to speak to a few different people and interview them.

“Explain your personal circumstances and ask what they can bring to the table: how do they work with clients?"

He also explains that you should be asking about their previous experience to see if it lines up with your case.

Waiting until the kids fly the nest

This might be something that a lot of people think when considering divorce so that they don’t disrupt their children’s lives too much until they are adults.

However, Tom Nash, a divorce expert says that this could harm your relationship with them further.

He said: “Studies have shown that children of divorced parents also, in the majority, wish their parents had separated sooner.

"Of course, relationships can be rebuilt, but usually, people regret staying in relationships just for the sake of their children.”

Underestimating how complex online divorces are

Khan explained that there is a rise in couples doing the majority of the divorce proceedings themselves through the use of dedicated websites instead of going through the traditional solicitor route.

The said: “While this can be right for some couples, many people underestimate how difficult the process is without having somebody, such as a solicitor, to lean on and regret choosing that path.”

Decisions caused by guilt

Often blame is assigned over the breakdown of a relationship, particularly if one party has had an affair.

Nash insisted that if you feel like the guilty party, it shouldn't mean your partner 'sets the terms' for the divorce.

Nash said: “The person who’s met someone else will often have an internal conflict going on and will make decisions based on these feelings of guilt and shame rather than being future-facing.”

He warned that not standing their ground now might lead to future regrets.

Mediation should be the first port of call.
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Not exploring mediation first

Houghton explained that mediation should be the first port of call when divorcing as it’s more ‘collaborative’.

He said: “Proposing mediation really should be the first port of call in any event.”

Unless, of course, in situations of violence or abuse.

Living in the family home during the proceedings

This might be a no-brainer, but according the Nash, people do end up living in the family home while the divorce is continuing which can lead to being surrounded by painful memories.

Nash said: “As much as people redecorate, they’re still surrounded by memories, that after a time, they want to move on from.

“Moving into separate, new houses is what people often wish they’d done.”

Will you continue to live in the family home?
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Making your children your emotional support

This is certainly something that should be told to everyone.

Nash said: “It’s common for people, in hindsight, to feel that they used their children as a bit of an emotional crutch by talking to them about the adult stuff.”

But, instead, the experts suggests that adults should be reassuring their kids instead that things won’t change too much.

Hopping into a new relationship

It’s easy to try to look for adult company when going through a divorce, but Houghton explained that you can be emotionally vulnerable during this time and need some space to process everything and move on before getting into a new relationship.

This is all pretty stellar advice!

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