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Audi drivers are just finding out there's a hidden device in their cars

Audi drivers are just finding out there's a hidden device in their cars

This Audi A1 owner couldn't believe it's been hidden there all this time - despite it being an important rule

Audi drivers are only just finding out there’s a hidden device in their cars - despite owning them for years.

With some coming across ‘secret buttons’ under their mirrors, this driver found a ‘secret’ compartment.

A viral TikTok showed one drivers’ discovery of a hidden object in their car boot.

The user posted a video with the caption: “I’ve had this car for 4 years and just realised it has this nifty little device in the boot.”

She’s amazed that her Audi A1 has had this feature all this time, despite never knowing.

And while it’s not exactly the most exciting feature, it could help drivers out in dangerous situations.

The driver says at the beginning: “I was today years old when I realised that Audi A1s do this.”

The device was 'hidden' in a compartment in the boot.

She then lifts up the boot of her car and shows a rectangular-shaped cut out by the back window.

“In the boot, under this bit,” the user says, showing her turning a small lock before pulling the compartment down to reveal a red object built into the boot.

“And I know what you’re thinking, I was like ‘Frankie you shouldn’t be touching this’. But no, it’s alright, it’s alright.

“It pulls out like this.”

The car-owner then opens up the red box to reveal another folded-up, kinda super important orange object inside of it.

“And if, but more like when, you’re little Audi breaks down, there you go,” she says.

The hidden device is an orange factory-supplied warning triangle and she places it behind her vehicle to demonstrate its use.

The warning triangle is really important if you break down.

According to rule 276 of the Highway Code, if your car breaks down, you should place a warning triangle on the road at least 45 metres (147 feet) behind the vehicle.

If you don’t have one of these triangles in you car, you can use another permitted warning device that you may have.

You can use these on dual carriageways but you should never use them on motorways.

If you do have to stop because your vehicles broken down, you should always use your hazard warning lights and if possible, get it off the road.

While this is part of the Highway Code, other TikTok users also shared the same surprise: “I’m going to check I had NO IDEA.”

And another put: “*runs outside to check my Audi A1.*”

With others saying: “I have the same car and just went to find it… thanks.”

Despite many users pointing out it is part of the Highway Code, one did say: “Well to be fair, that cover doesn’t exactly scream: ‘contains warning triangle.’ I’d probably miss it too.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @francescaca7

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