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British hotel guest slammed for video criticising 'normal Turkish breakfast' at five star resort

British hotel guest slammed for video criticising 'normal Turkish breakfast' at five star resort

The Brit was dragged in the comments for her judgement on the local food

Going on holiday is a breath of fresh air and can allow you to experience different cultures and cuisines, but one British woman isn’t having it.

Turkey is a great holiday destination and droves of Brits flock there for its sunshine and yummy foods, however, a lady has been slammed online for her rude portrayal of ‘normal Turkish breakfast’ which saw her garner a large number of negative comments on her TikTok video.

The ‘foodie’ posted a video online showing her partner walking around a breakfast buffet at the fire-star hotel in Antalya.

Previously using the handle @sickofbeingskint1, the couple have now changed it to @thisonetimeinturkey (probably after this little TikTok went crazy online).

The woman talked about the food in a voice over, telling being ‘not to bother’ going to the Crystal Family Resort in Turkey, because of their food choices.

The Brit turned her nose up at the five-star breakfast. TikTok/ @thisonetimeinturkey
The Brit turned her nose up at the five-star breakfast. TikTok/ @thisonetimeinturkey

She said: “They offer soup for breakfast, cheeses and hams. There's scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, minced beef, peppers, really random stuff.”

Describing her and her partner as ‘foodies’, the Brit went on to criticise food that are pretty common for the people of Turkey, and to be honest, it looks pretty normal to have in England too.

The video showed trays of hot and cold food including sausages, chicken sausages, soups, grilled Mediterranean veg, different varieties of prepared eggs, and buckwheat.

She explained her gripe: “It's really not good, we're not fussy or picky people but we are foodies.

“When you spend nearly £3,000 after hard graft on a holiday and you're served with that everyday, it's really disheartening.

“We're not very happy at all. This is just not good, really not good.”

However, viewers were not happy with her issue as a lot of the food are considered to be classic breakfast dishes in Turkey- you know, the country she’s visiting?

One person wrote in the comments: “Looks banging! I love scrambled eggs and tomatoes. Maybe try McDonald's if you're that fussy!”

Another said: “It’s a Turkish breakfast you dimlow. Go to the shop a get some coco pops you child.”

Someone else wrote: “That’s a traditional Turkish dish for breakfast you plant pot.”

When someone asked in the comments ‘what would you want?’, the couple replied: “Omelette, avocado, normal scrambled eggs would be a good start.”

But nobody was on the picky couple’s side.

As far as her soup comment, one person wrote that 'soup is normal to Turkish breakfast. So is menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato).'

She wasn't happy with soup for breakfast. TikTok/ @thisonetimeinturkey
She wasn't happy with soup for breakfast. TikTok/ @thisonetimeinturkey

With over 877k views, the video gained a lot of attention due to her comments about the local food.

In a follow-up video, she addressed the comments and how the video blew up.

She wrote: “Wow wow!! Thank you for all the views on my previous video!! Insane!!

“Mainly negative responses, which I'm totally ok with! So many people assuming that I want chicken nuggets and chips.

“Ironically at the a la carte Mexican set menu they served chips and chicken nuggets, we walked out!! Like I've said before, I've been to Turkey before and it was fantastic, this isn't!!!”

LADbible reached out to Crystal Family Resort for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @thisonetimeinturkey

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