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Woman left in shock after comparing box of Celebrations to one from 2009

Woman left in shock after comparing box of Celebrations to one from 2009

It's a startling difference from years ago

If you've ever looked at a tub of Celebrations and thought they used to be much better back in the day it turns out you're completely right.

We're not just talking about the tragic loss of the beloved Galaxy Truffle, the undisputed greatest one in the tin which for some unfathomable reason they won't bring back.

Alright, they did once tell LADbible that it's because Twix has been 'a hit' since it replaced the Truffle but I would discard a million Twix chocolates if it meant getting the Truffle back.

That change happened back in 2011 and while Celebrations are still one of the more popular tins you can get during the festive season (nobody has ever been happy to get a tin of Roses) it's just not what it used to be.

One woman has demonstrated exactly what's happened to Celebrations by comparing a modern tin of the chocolates with one which went out of date in 2009.

Look at that absolute unit, and the Galaxy Truffle on the lid. Better times.

Posting her findings to TikTok, Deborah Lee Cowell shared the outcome of her vital investigation.

First and most obvious was the size of the tubs, with the older Celebrations being that much bigger that you could likely have fit the other one inside it pretty easily.

Then of course there was the weight, with modern tubs of Celebrations weighing in at 600g (or 613g if you include wrappers) while the more classic one was 975g (or 1kg including wrappers).

Sadly, if you were hoping that Deborah had been able to hang onto the classic Celebrations for this many years you'll be sorely disappointed as they do have an expiration date and were long since eaten.

Instead, this gargantuan tub of treats which has spent years in Deborah's cupboard is now a handy biscuit tin for her dog.

Never forget what they took from you in 2011.

It's a clear symptom of how punishing 'shrinkflation', where the price doesn't change but the product gets smaller, can be over the years.

Our favourite festive tins of chocolate have been shrinking year after year and people aren't happy at the lack of contents.

One commented that 'you can see the bottom of the tub there's that little in them', while another lamented 'in a few years time that will be even smaller'.

There are some Celebrations boxes that are still worth picking up, however, as this year there's a competition to find a solid gold Bounty worth £25,000.

Some tubs of Celebrations on sale at Tesco contain the prizes, with rewards of up to £10,000 on offer in addition to the golden Bounty.

Another positive from this is that since it's a Bounty they made inedible nobody will mind, if they'd turned one of the precious Maltesers gold that would have been a disaster.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/DeborahLeeCowell

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