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People Are Freaking Out About The Mormon Sex Term ‘Soaking’


People Are Freaking Out About The Mormon Sex Term ‘Soaking’

Mormons have come up with a way to have pre-martial sex without 'losing their virginity' and keeping their oath to their religion.

Known as soaking, derfing, parking, surfing and other nicknames, it essentially involves a man putting his penis in a woman's vagina and then doing literally nothing else.

The Urban Dictionary adds that there's 'no thrusting, no grinding, no climax' and that Mormons 'just pop it in, and hold the f**k still'.

In Mormonism, oral sex, masturbation, passionate kissing and 'erotic touching' are all strictly banned unless you're married.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

People who agree with soaking believe that sex is primarily about thrusting and therefore if you just sit there connected to one another through your genitals then you're all sweet in the eyes of the Lord.

What's even more bizarre is that you can get a Mormon friend to help increase the enjoyment by jumping on your bed while you soak with a partner, which creates minor movement and pleasure but absolves you of any responsibility.

This is called 'jump humping' and the term, as well as soaking, has been going viral on social media after a woman on TikTok showed how she was helping out a pal who wanted to get laid.


According to Mel Magazine, the term was popularised at Brigham Young University, which is a Mormon institution that promotes waiting until you marry someone to have sex.

A Redditor shared his experience of soaking with his Mormon girlfriend who was strict about not jeaopardising her promise to her father to remain 'pure' until finding The One.

"The first time we 'soaked' we were on the floor of my living room, and she just asked me to put it in but not to move it around," he said.

"We never referred to it as anything in particular - we just did it. I think if I'd given it a name like 'soaking' or 'floating' she would've been pretty upset.


"It wasn't premeditated - she just had a strong desire to have sex and was willing to push the boundaries of her virginity as far as her sensibilities would allow.

"There wasn't anything special about this 'manoeuvre'  - we would just lay in the missionary position motionless - but it was hot as hell. All of that buildup and anticipation made it super exciting. Needless to say, it didn't last long."

The world is certainly a wild and bizarre place sometimes.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Stewart Perrie
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