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Fans get first look at menu of McDonald's spin-off chain as first location opens

Fans get first look at menu of McDonald's spin-off chain as first location opens

The first store is officially open

There might already be over 40,000 McDonald's restaurants across the globe, but the fast food chain wants to have an even bigger presence.

The decades-old company has officially opened its first spin-off restaurant - CosMc's.

A press release by the McDonald's earlier this week described CosMc's as 'a new small-format, beverage-led concept that’s truly out of this world'.

"Inspired by nostalgia and powered by a menu of bold, refreshing beverages and tasty treats, CosMc’s is landing earthside for us humans to enjoy," it continued.

"CosMc’s seamlessly blends brand-new, otherworldly beverage creations with a small lineup of food, including a select few McDonald’s favorites - all designed to boost your mood into the stratosphere, if only for a few moments."

Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the new restaurant offers exotic drinks such as Sour Cherry Energy Slush, Tropical Spiceade and S’mores Cold Brew, as well as edible treats like McPops, Pretzel Bites, Savory Hash Brown Bites and the Spicy Queso Sandwich.

The first CosMc's location in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

And now it has opened its first store, and one TikToker took to the video sharing platform to document her first trip there.

It opened its doors for the first time yesterday (7 December).

Lou Stejskal (who goes by @loustejskal) ordered a Blueberry Ginger Boost, a Spicy Queso Sandwich, a Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich, and some McPops.

Filming herself ordering at the DriveThru, the order taker explained that the McPops come in three different flavors: Cookie Butter, Apple Cinnamon and Hazelnut.

If you can't decide which one, you can opt for the mixed bag - which Lou did.

When she asked if there was anything else she should try, Lou was urged to give the new Hash Brown Bites a go.

Elsewhere, another TikToker visited the new eatery and shared that CosMc's are DriveThru only.

One TikToker shared a glimpse of the menu.

Foodie @snackolator said: "What’s interesting is CosMc’s is 100% drive-thru, so you cannot go inside to order and then when your order is ready, they tell you which window to go to, to go pick it up."

He went on hail CosMc's as 'a great idea [and] a great concept'.

In the wake of it being pick-up only, one person questioned: "If it’s just drive thru… why is it sooo big?!?"

Meanwhile, others compared it to US fast-food chain Sonic Drive-In.

McDonald's apparently plans on opening a total of 10 CosMc's by the end of 2024 in 'pilot locations'.

These will be across the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metro areas.

Watch this space!

Featured Image Credit: X/Iman Jalali/Tiktok/CindyCasstro

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