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Expert says there's a grim reason why you should never get common item at breakfast buffet

Expert says there's a grim reason why you should never get common item at breakfast buffet

Food expert has revealed the one food item you should avoid at the breakfast buffet due to 'possible contamination'

The breakfast buffet is often the highlight of the holiday, as it's the only time you can pile food on your plate without judgement.

After all, it's all inclusive, so it is best to make the most of it.

However, an expert has revealed the buffet food you should stay away from due to the chance of contamination from 'fingers getting in there.'

According to the food outlet Mashed, eight breakfast favourites are best avoided at the holiday buffet.

This includes breakfast staples like scrambled eggs, pancakes (no chance I'm avoiding them), and cereal.

As if that weren't bad enough, experts also recommend one particular ingredient to avoid.

Experts give advice on which food best to stay clear from. Credit:Hill Stree Studios/Getty
Experts give advice on which food best to stay clear from. Credit:Hill Stree Studios/Getty

According to Alberta-based microbiologist Jay Tetro, condiments should be avoided - particularly those with a short shelf-life.

We are talking about jam, peanut butter, marmalade, and marmite, which are the most likely to be contaminated.

He said: "If they are just open and there are spoons and things like that, then there's a very good likelihood that people will get their fingers in there."

He explained that the way people usually wash their hands could be the reason for potential contamination.

He also shared that the shelf life of condiments should be a cause for concern and that we should be 'especially careful' with things like mayo, lemon slices and salad dressing as they're known to be 'breeding grounds' for bacteria.

The expert went on to offer tips on protecting yourself from germs.

He advised that you should look for individually wrapped items, as that's the only way to ensure nobody has had their fingers all over them.

However, that's not all we should be avoiding.

Condiments are said to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Fried potatoes

It's a sad day for hash brown lovers.

According to Mashed, these are the best when properly prepared - and can be the worst when they aren't.

They say that fried potatoes tend to be 'under seasoned' and can sometimes be greasy.

In addition, they tend to deteriorate quickly as the potato's natural moisture dries up as they sit out, leaving them more like potato mush.

Fruit salad

Even if you want to seem healthy, getting a fruit salad can also come with risks, as fresh fruit can be easily contaminated with bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, or Hepatitis A.

And even if prepared properly, it could also be covered in sugary syrup or juices.


Like fruit salad, Mashed says that cereal can also be loaded with sugar and refined carbs, leaving you hungry and sluggish later in the day.

But if you still fancy a bowl, they suggest going for granola—preferably loaded with nuts and seeds—as it keeps you fuller for longer and provides fibre and protein.

Best put that bowl of cereal down.
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Raw oysters

Need we say any more about this?

If you make one wrong move, you could spend most of your holiday in the bathroom.

Oysters are especially at high risk of bacteria, like norovirus, and eating a contaminated one could have potentially fatal consequences.

So if you see them at the buffet, best avoid them.

Scrambled eggs

Unless you are Gordon Ramsay, scrambled eggs can be hard to get right at the best of times.

According to Mashed, most buffets use powders or solutions instead of eggs to prepare them faster and cheaper.

And even if prepared fresh, they lose their structure after sitting in the warming tray for a bit - so it is best to eat them at home.

Pre-cooked breakfast meats

Bacon and sausage are the kings of the breakfast buffet - especially if you want a hearty English breakfast.

But, like scrambled eggs, the longer they sit out, the worse they become as the fat leaks out of the meat.

And the last thing you want is soggy bacon first thing in the morning.

What's a bacon sandwich without crispy bacon?
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This one is the real kicker - as pancakes can also be a victim of becoming more unappetising the longer they spend on the warming tray.

Like fried potatoes, pancakes are at their optimum quality when fresh out of the pan.

So, if the buffet is cooking pancakes to order, that's your sign to put one on your plate. If not, then best put it back.

But this doesn't mean everything is off-limits.

Instead, it's best to focus on fresh fruit, smoked salmon, cheese, and cold cuts, among other things.

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