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Tourists baffled after being charged £438 for a plate of pasta in France

Tourists baffled after being charged £438 for a plate of pasta in France

A group of US tourists were left gobsmacked by their food bill while travelling in the south of France

We all know tourist hotspots can be pretty pricey, but two sisters were left gobsmacked when their food bill in France totalled a massive £438.

Sisters Cassidy and Leah Armbruster, from Wisconsin, were travelling in the south of France and had chartered a yacht with pals for the day to sail around near the town of Èze.

The pair, who share their travels on TikTok via @thevacationtwins, shared the bombshell bill they received when a member of their party ordered a plate of lobster pasta.

The sisters posted a six-second video of themselves collecting the large plate of pasta from a tender boat and bringing it onto the yacht.

The plate included heaps of spaghetti and half a freshly cooked lobster.

In the video, they wrote: "POV: Your friend orders lobster pasta on a boat and the bill is five hundred Euros."

They added in the caption: "You live and you learn."

They then showed the group pulling the lobster meat from the shell before tucking in to their pricey meal.

The group's meal came to a whopping £438.

TikTokers took to the video's comments to express their shock at the meal's astronomical price.

One person said: "Literally a lobster tail and spaghetti noodles on the side."

"About 20$ in ingredients," added another.

A third wrote: "No lobster ever costs 500$... they swindled you."

Fortunately, the sisters weren't left out of pocket, explaining: "My friend paid before telling us the price."

Others commented on the quality of the food and how you can get the same dish cheaper elsewhere.

"I don't mind paying lots of money for good food... but that doesn't look good... the pasta looks bad and the paper plate seriously?" one person wrote.

Another claimed: "That’s crazy i got the same meal on a catamaran in Santorini for 150 euros, y’all were robbed lol."

Commenters criticised the cost and quality of the food.

Either way, it's always best to check the price of things when on holiday before you order to avoid an eye-watering bill at the end of your meal.

Earlier this year, a US tourist was left in shock after being charged over £450 for a single meal in Mykonos, Greece.

Amber Pace was soaking up the sights of the Greek island with a friend when the pair decided to stop for lunch at a local eatery.

After chowing down on a lunch of calamari and crab legs, they were shocked to discover the meal cost £450 (€520) and even included a 10 percent service fee, not realising they had been charged 'by the pound' for the seafood.

But, while the tourists accused the restaurant manager of being 'downright rude', he fought back saying it wasn't the restaurant's fault that they didn't read the menu properly.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thevacationtwins

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