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How to check if you're at risk after popular air fryer brand recalled over fire risk

How to check if you're at risk after popular air fryer brand recalled over fire risk

Consumers have been urged to check if their models are affected by the recall

Your air fryer is probably the apple of your eye when it comes to kitchen appliances - they're speedy, make anything scrummy and leave a lot less washing up.

But your plans to recreate a wacky TikTok recipe might have been brought to a halt over the weekend, as a popular brand has announced an urgent recall of several models.

So, if you bought an air fryer from Best Buy, you ought to listen up.

The US firm have warned that the gadgets could burn users, start a fire or injure people when glass shatters, which has obviously sparked fear among the army of air fryer owners.

Six models made in China by Insignia - including a dual basket model, two air fryer ovens and three normal air fryers - were found to be the culprits.

Six Insignia models have been recalled.

During the investigation, officials said that they found that four air fryers had the ability overheat to the point where the handles can melt or break, or even pose as a fire and burn hazard.

The two air fryer ovens mentioned can also overheat, except their handy glass door feature could also shatter too.

This had the potential to cause lacerations to those close to the device while they're cooking up a storm if it does break.

Owners have been urged to immediately stop using the recalled models and to get in touch with Best Buy promptly.

Officials warned they pose a serious safety risk in homes.

You can check out some tips here which can help you understand the instructions on how to destroy it or to submit your model to Best Buy for refunding.

Around 187,400 Insignia air fryers are being the recalled in the US, alongside another 99,900 in Canada due to the safety concerns which first emerged on Friday (15 March).

At this time, Best Buy has received 24 reports of overheating, glass shattering or even melting devices - including six cases of air fryers catching on fire.

You can find the model number on the bottom of the appliance.

But thankfully, the incidents did not cause any injuries or property damage for users.

So, how on earth do you find out if you own one of these dangerous gadgets?

First things first, take a look at your air fryer and check if the brand name INSIGNIA is on the top or front of your unit.

From there, you can find the model number at the bottom of the appliance to see if yours is part of the recall.

The models which are subject to the recall are as follows:

  • NS-AF34D2
  • NS-AF5DSS2
  • NS-AF5MSS2
  • NS-AF8DBD2
  • NS-AF10DBK2
  • NS-AF10DSS2

If you are affected, you can then register for the recall by completing the online form found on the links above, which will begin the process for you to receive a refund.

The announcement states: "To register, you will need scissors to cut the cord and a device that can snap and upload photos of your unit. You may also upload a copy of your purchase receipt (if available).

"Instructions on the requirements for the destruction of the unit are provided as you move through the registration process. "You will need to follow these instructions to be approved for a refund."

As always, when you’re using an air fryer you should practice safety precautions such as not leaving it plugged in overnight, keeping the device away from liquids, keeping an eye on it as it cooks and ventilating the area.

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