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Man claims he's scammed '100 free meals' using 'unlimited McDonald's hack'

Man claims he's scammed '100 free meals' using 'unlimited McDonald's hack'

A man claimed to have created an 'unlimited free McDonald's hack', but plenty don't approve

A man has claimed that he managed to get an 'unlimited free McDonald's' using this hack.

He says free, this one does require you actually buy some McDonald's first and revolves around the 'Food for Thoughts' offer on their receipts.

Basically, if you buy something from McDonald's you should get a receipt with your collection number on it, but just under that is a section asking you to 'tell us how we did' where you can submit some feedback.

In response you can get some food vouchers, but one guy claimed he'd figured out how to turn one McDonald's order into multiple meals by using ChatGPT to generate incredibly negative feedback.

A guy called Gage, who claims to be a millionaire, said he'd had great success with his method.

Gage said he used ChatGPT to write negative reviews and get free food from McDonald's.
Kennedy News and Media/@arbkinguk

"If you just put you're highly dissatisfied with every single answer and then use ChatGPT you just type in something like 'write about a time that I had a horrible experience in McDonald's where I ordered a Big Mac' and made it under 1,200 characters," he explained of his method.

"Copy that, you paste in, it's usually really bad and if it's not bad enough you might make it worse. You punch that in, fill in an email, boom.

"In like 12 hours a representative will send you an email with one, two, or three or four meal vouchers completely for free."

Gage said he'd been doing it 'since maybe the start of the year' on the video which went out near the end of 2023, and said his local McDonald's now won't give him a receipt as they know him.

He added that the place now had posters up asking customers to fill in the survey and give them positive reviews, which he reckons is because of him.

However, the public response to Gage's method was not exactly complimentary, so it sounds like it might not catch on.

Lots of people, including McDonald's staff, disputed his claim that 'it doesn't hurt anyone'.
Kennedy News and Media/@arbkinguk

While he claimed it 'doesn't harm anyone' as he wasn't mentioning names or leaving a Google review for everyone to see, others argued that people could still lose their jobs over his antics.

A commenter who claimed to work for McDonald's said 'corporate actually reads it' and enough bad reviews could result in someone getting fired, so it could harm people.

Another said the negative feedback 'harms the staff' as the ratings 'fund our crew parties', and a third lamented 'how ridiculously sad is that'.

Plenty more said you could still get the vouchers just for sending in a review, meaning it didn't have to be negative to be in line for some deals and freebies.

With people saying that churning out negative reviews for free food vouchers 'harms the staff a lot' and other suspecting that the franchise owner was 'getting a really hard time' from their bosses this might be a hack you'd rather avoid.

LADbible have contacted McDonald's for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy/Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images

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