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McDonald's customer 'has no idea what she found' after grim discovery inside 'McFlurry'

McDonald's customer 'has no idea what she found' after grim discovery inside 'McFlurry'

She pulled something plastic out of her McFlurry cup

Two women were left 'disgusted' by an unwelcome discovery at the bottom of a McFlurry cup after they'd finished eating the contents.

Footage was posted onto social media of a McDonald's customer pulling something out of what she claims is a McFlurry in disbelief, and whatever it was it certainly wasn't part of the meal.

Kellie Ulmer of Rye, New York, took the video and posted it on social media, showing her friend pulling the unknown object out of her ice cream.

"We had no idea what she just found at the bottom of her McFlurry I'm losing my mind," she wrote as a caption on the video.

The woman pulling the apparently plastic object out of the food suggested it might be 'gloves', while Kellie said it might be 'a trash bag'.

The woman was certainly taken aback.
Kellie Ulmer via Storyful

Kellie told Storyful that she and her friend were 'disgusted' by what they'd found, and that neither of them had noticed the plastic object until they'd finished eating.

The woman said they'd emailed McDonald's but not yet received a response, while Storyful also reported that it'd made 'a number of requests for comment' and not been given a statement by McDonald's.

Fast food customers do occasionally find much more than they bargained for in their meals.

Not what you expect in your McFlurry.
Kellie Ulmer via Storyful

One woman who had been craving a Subway ended up being very glad she didn't tuck right into her meal after spotting a distinctive yellow handle.

It turns out that handle was connected to a serrated blade, and it turned out that whomever had been making the sandwich had accidentally left one of their knives in with it.

As for what exactly this plastic thing the New York women discovered at the bottom of their McFlurry was, they don't entirely know beyond the fact that it shouldn't have been in there.

Weird things do occasionally happen in the world of fast food, like the time someone shut down a McDonald's by throwing a dead frog inside one.

It didn't end up in anyone's food but to kermit such an act was enough for the place to close down for a bit.

Then there was the guy who went through the Maccies drive through for a Sausage McMuffin and was instead served a big bag full of money.

Of course he didn't drive off with the bag of cash and instead returned it, getting a bit of the money as a reward for his honesty.

LADbible has contacted McDonald's for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kellie Ulmer via Storyful

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