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Man goes to McDonald's drive-thru for sausage McMuffin and gets handed bag of cash

Dominic Smithers

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Man goes to McDonald's drive-thru for sausage McMuffin and gets handed bag of cash

One lad got more than he bargained for during a recent trip to McDonald's.

Like many of us, Josiah Vargas was driving round when he got a little peckish, so decided to treat himself to a cheeky Maccies, and he headed to a nearby drive-thru.

Now, the usual way of things is you stroll up to the restaurant, make your order and the pick your grub up at the next window.

However, as well as being handed his sausage McMuffin, Josiah got something a little extra in his bag.

Josiah was handed a bag with his meal. Credit: @dookiedoeboy/TikTok
Josiah was handed a bag with his meal. Credit: @dookiedoeboy/TikTok

In a video posted to his TikTok account, he can be seeing sitting in his car, holding up his bag, which he reveals is filled with cash.

He says: "I just went to McDonald's and he's handed me my sausage McMuffin and this bag.

"Well, what's in this bag?"


He then opens it up, showing several see-through packets filled with money.

“Just a couple thousand dollars here,” he goes on. “Like, what is this? Why would they do this?

It was filled with cash. Credit: @dookiedoeboy/TikTok
It was filled with cash. Credit: @dookiedoeboy/TikTok

“What the f**k? Now I have to return this because I’m a good person, I guess."


The camera cuts to Josiah sitting in his car outside a branch of McDonald's.

“Why would you guys do this to me? Do you know how bad I want this money? Why put me in this situation?" he asks.

He then goes in to hand the money back to someone working behind the counter, asking: "Are ya'll laundering money?"

Here's how it went down:



Understandably, staff at the restaurant were over the moon to see that the money had been returned.

"Oh my God! I really wanna give you a hug," gasps one.

Getting back in his car, Josiah said they gave him a $200 reward for his trouble, which isn't to be sniffed at.


"They were just all hugging me and thanking me and crying, and I get free McDonald’s for a month, I guess," he says.

Signing off, the good Samaritan urged his followers to 'do good', as it clearly pays off.

Since sharing his story, his initial video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, with thousands offering their thoughts on the sitch.

"Bro, you probably just saved all their jobs," said one.

While another added: "Someone kept their job because you did the right thing. Good on you, man."

Featured Image Credit: @dookiedoeboy/TikTok

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Dominic Smithers
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