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Customer says McDonald's is 'no longer affordable' after sharing receipt for his standard order

Customer says McDonald's is 'no longer affordable' after sharing receipt for his standard order

The bloke couldn't believe it when he saw the price of his McDonald's bill

It’s no secret that eating out seems to be getting pretty expensive - more expensive than usual.

But it felt like we could always rely on certain spots for a cheap fill as prices continue to raise with the tedious cost of living. You know a decent KFC after work or a quick takeaway for lunch or just a McDonald’s no matter what the time of day.

However, a customer over in the US (the home land of the fast food chain) has slammed is as ‘no longer affordable’ after sharing the receipt for his standard order.

TikTok user Christopher Olive previously shared a video of his freshly bought Maccies, consisting of a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger (now that’s a mouthful) along with a large fries and a Sprite.

The bloke's Maccies order. (TikTok/@topherolive)
The bloke's Maccies order. (TikTok/@topherolive)

Now, you’d expect a reasonable price for this McDonald’s meal to be well under a tenner. Obviously, you wouldn’t imagine it to be as cheap as a Happy Meal but certainly less than in a proper restaurant.

However, shocked Christopher couldn’t believe it when he found he’d been charged a whopping $16.10 (£12.86) for the meal.

In the TikTok video he says: "So I get there's a labour shortage, I get there's wage increases and a number of other things but... sixteen dollars?

"Sixteen dollars for a burger, a large fries and a drink. It's just crazy."

Yeah, that does seem a little crazy to be fair.

He was shocked by the bill. (TikTok/@topherolive)
He was shocked by the bill. (TikTok/@topherolive)

As the clip went viral, it picked up thousands of comments as users were left divided over Christopher’s McOutrage.

On the one hand, over £12 seems wild to pay for just a one-person meal at McDonald’s but on the other, every aspect of the US’ supply chain had been hit with skyrocketing costs.

One wrote: “Five Guys prices at McDonald’s?!?"

To which Christopher replied: "It's crazy."

Another said: "It’s officially not convenient or affordable anymore, might as well go to the store and buy hamburger meat."

Others agreed they ‘make a lot more of my own food these days because of stuff like this’.

Someone else said: “Exactly. I eat 90 percent from food I cook and this really shocked me."

But others disagreed, suggesting he ordered the most expensive option.

"Bro ordered the most expensive meal they have and acted surprised," wrote one, while another said: "Because you got DOUBLE DELUXE BACON quarter pounder, literally the most expensive option on the entire menu."

LADbible has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@topherolive

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