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McDonald’s has drastically cut price of two menu favourites for today only

McDonald’s has drastically cut price of two menu favourites for today only

McDonald’s are slashing the price of two fan favourites.

Today's Monday morning struggle might be eased ever so slightly as the price of two of your favourite McDonald's dishes are being slashed for just one day only.

Maccies have been busy refreshing their menu after announcing a big shake up last month.

Fans have been tucking into a load of new dishes, including a fresh selection of pink desserts.

Some of the new savoury menu items include:

  • Big Tasty - £7.69
  • Big Tasty with Bacon - £8.49
  • Mozzarella Dippers with a salsa dip - £2.39
  • Mozzarella Dippers sharebox with salsa dip - £6.49

If you happen to fancy something pink and sweet, here are your options:

  • KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry - £2.19
  • KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry mini - £1.59
  • KitKat Milk Chocolate McFlurry - £2.19
  • KitKat Milk Chocolate McFlurry mini - £1.59
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie - £1.99

7 February also marked the return of the McSpicy - a chicken breast patty covered in a crispy coating, jalapenos, Frank's Red Hot Mayo, lettuce, Emmental cheese and onions, all wrapped in a toasted sesame seed bun.

McDonald’s are slashing the price of two fan favourites.

The new collaboration with Frank’s RedHot has made it Maccies' spiciest ever burger - and fans can't get enough of it.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), one fan commented: "McSpicy x Frank's Red Hot is the best thing McDonald's has ever done."

"@McDonaldsIRL Really loved the new McSpicy with Frank's redhot sauce," a second added.

"While I know it's a promotion, recommend keeping it on the menu for spice lovers."

"McSpicy with Frank’s Hot Sauce is unreal," a third said.

Now, alongside the new menu, McDonald's have - for day only - dropped the price of two fan favourites.

Breakfast lovers will be delighted to know that Maccies are cutting the price of its Double McMuffins to just £1.99.

The dish consists of a pork sausage patty, in an English muffin, with egg and a cheddar cheese slice.

The Double McMuffin.

But that's not all as McDonald's is also dropping the price of its Big Macs to just £1.49.

For practically nothing, you'll get two 100 percent beef patties, a slice of cheese, lettuce, onion and pickles.

The catch is that the offer will only be available through the McDonald’s app on 26 February.

The legendary Big Mac.

The Double McMuffin will be available as part of the breakfast menu from 5am to 11am, while the Big Mac will be available from 11am at half price.

Usually a Double McMuffin is £4.39, with a Big Mac normally costing around £4.89.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images/McDonald’s