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McVitie’s ends age old debate and proves why Jaffa Cakes are actually cakes

McVitie’s ends age old debate and proves why Jaffa Cakes are actually cakes

It's over biscuit gang, you've lost this round

There are some big questions our species has had to tackle over the years as we ponder why we're here in the first place and what the meaning of life actually is.

However, the greatest of all of these weighty conundrums is whether the McVitie's Jaffa Cake is a cake as it claims to be or is actually a biscuit.

The biscuit gang claims that despite it saying 'cake' on the box you tend to find Jaffa Cakes in the biscuit aisle, they're packaged like a biscuit and they're little snackable treats like biscuits tend to be.

On the other hand, they've got a spongy, cake-like base and you can't crisply snap them in half like you can with a more solid foodstuff like a biscuit.

Whether you come down on Team Cake or Team Biscuit, only word from the highest authority could sway you into thinking you'd be mistaken in your classification of Jaffa Cakes.

Fortunately the highest authority on the matter, McVitie's themselves, have weighed in on this multiple times and it's a resounding victory for Team Cake.

Even the people who make Jaffa Cakes say they're cakes, what more evidence do you need?

Sorry biscuit gang, as much as you try to claim that Jaffa Cakes are actually biscuits, it turns out that you're just so wrong about the whole thing.

This is a battle McVitie's themselves have been fighting for almost a century, as the humble Jaffa Cake is about 96 years old, and since it was first created, there's been a legal struggle over its status.

See, the government decided to join Team Biscuit because biscuits are subject to value added tax (VAT) while cake isn't, and they'd make money off people's love for Jaffa Cakes if Team Biscuit won.

However, despite a challenge from HM Customs and Excise (what is now HM Revenue and Customs), the court case proved that the Jaffa Cake really was a cake after all.

Never mind evidence straight from the horse's mouth, this is the law of the land decreeing that Jaffa Cakes are cake and not biscuits, so no matter how hard you argue, this battle has already been won by Team Cake.

Jaffa Cakes are cake, it's the law. Also stop arguing unless you want them to get more expensive.

While Team Cake reigns supreme in the battle over Jaffa Cakes being a cake or biscuit, it might be an idea to mention the other big debate around the discs of deliciousness.

According to experts, there are 520 ways to chomp your way through a Jaffa Cake, though about half of people just get through theirs in two bites.

Apparently there's a 'right' way to eat a Jaffa Cake, with McVitie's saying that we've been eating them upside down all this time.

You might have thought that the spongy bit of the Jaffa Cake was the bottom of it and the chocolate part the top, but according to McVitie's they go through a 'reservoir of chocolate' so that part is actually the bottom of the cake.

I know we've just told you that there's pretty much no higher authority than McVitie's when it comes to Jaffa Cakes, but since they're obviously wrong about the chocolate part being the bottom of it, I'll choose to ignore that.

Perhaps it's time for another court case, although if people start declaring themselves for Team Top or Team Bottom they might get mistaken for something else.

Anyone else really feel like having a Jaffa Cake?

Featured Image Credit: PA Images / WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

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