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Warning issued to Brits making pancakes today over leftover batter

Warning issued to Brits making pancakes today over leftover batter

Don't destroy your kitchen over a bit of pancake batter

It’s every pancake lover’s favourite national holiday today and stomachs are bound to be feeling heavy.

Shrove Tuesday is the best time of year, where people all over the nation decides to gorge on carbs, butter and sugar, but it’s not the fluffy pudding which is the issue.

But if you’ve got an itching to dispose of your pancake mix and think it’s a good idea to just chuck what was left from this morning, don’t even consider it unless it’s the right way.

Food coma, more like a real coma for your pipes.

According to a plumbing expert, your leftover batter could spell some serious trouble for the water works.

Batter is a seriously yummy mix, but to your plumbing, it’s a nightmare.

Pancake Tuesday is the best day for a carb-binge, just not for your pipes.

This is because it’s made up of milk, flour, greasy butter and eggs which is the ultimate ‘no no’ as it falls into the territory of FOG (fats, oils and greases).

Pouring FOG down your drain carries some serious risk of blocking your pipes which will lead to an emergency call out from your local plumber and it’ll set you back a couple hundred pounds.

Andy Simms, a plumbing expert from told MetroUK: “Pancake mix is filled with oil, and as such is a disaster for sink pipes. Blockages are not only very inconvenient, but are pricey to fix.”

Pancake batter is a particularly bad thing to pop down the drain as it’ll cool down and harden in corners of your pipes, creating a horrible blockage or create a film of fat which picks up debris.

What you’ll end up with is a lump of lard in your pipe which is nearly impossible to shift alone.

Simms advises: “Never be tempted to pour it down the sink.

Don't be tempted to pour away leftover batter as you could end up with a hefty bill.

“Not only could it cost you money, it’s terrible for our sewers and can contribute to fatbergs.”

So, how do you properly dispose of your leftovers?

You’ve got a few options available to make things easier.

MyBuilder suggests to throw away fats, gravy, custard and cream properly and not to be tempted by the drain.

You could use your compost bin, or even soak it up with some tissue and throw it away in your regular bin.

For fats, there have been some pretty cool videos out there showing how you can make your own bird feed using oats and fat.

Or, repurpose your batter by turning it into Yorkshire pudding mix or make toad in the hole for dinner.

You could even make pancakes with all of the batter and freeze what you don’t eat for a later date.

But if you’ve already fell victim to blocking your drains today, pour a little bit of white vinegar and baking soda down the plug and chase it down with hot water half an hour later.

You should hopefully avoid the dreaded grease ball clog!

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