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Restaurant has savage response after diners claimed 'boss had an ego'

Restaurant has savage response after diners claimed 'boss had an ego'

Most of the reviews for the place are really good, but the owner has some choice words for unhappy diners

If you ever find yourself in the London borough of Hounslow, then there's a pretty well regarded Pakistani restaurant called Taste of Pakistan.

A quick hop on Trip Advisor to check the place out finds that it scores pretty well, with it being ranked the best out of 10 Pakistani restaurants in Hounslow and occupying spot 12 of 172 overall.

Most of the reviews for Taste of Pakistan are good, but the place responds harshly to people who didn't like it.

That all sounds pretty good, but as with pretty much any place on Trip Advisor there's bound to be some bad reviews where those who didn't have such a nice time vent their frustrations.

One of the features of leaving reviews on Trip Advisor is that the restaurant can respond, and Taste of Pakistan has an owner who really loves firing back a response to those who didn't have a great time.

A customer who wrote a poor review and said it 'seems like the boss has a big man ego' ended up getting a message from the owner who fired back that Taste of Pakistan 'doesn't believe customer is always right'.

Someone said the boss had an ego, the boss didn't take that lying down.

The owner then went on to tell the reviewer 'I guess you people are not used to it' and promised to make them a video showing how busy the restaurant was and to 'enjoy you miserable git'.

Another diner who left a bad review thought the food was alright but described the staff as 'rude and unprofessional'.

Enter the restaurant's owner yet again, telling the reviewer 'we treat people how they should be treated' and 'you are lucky you didn't meet me' and finished their response by writing 'you better stay away'.

"You are lucky you didn't meet me," the owner said to a customer.

In another heated response to a poor review which opened with the line 'hygiene questionable' and went on to slam the 'average food hyped by locals' the owner called the reviewer an 'Angrezi Murgi', which Google Translate tells me means 'English Chicken'.

Yet another response had the owner wondering 'how ungrateful are you people' and telling the reviewer 'I know who you are after going through my CCTV record'.

The owner is not happy with bad reviews.

A bad review where the customer had ended up 'very disappointed' after seeing Taste of Pakistan's long list of positive ratings was told: "You live in Sheffield. What's there apart from steel?"

Even if you didn't enjoy your meal in this place you could at least get some joy out of the owner's response to your bad review, with them calling the negative reviews an 'A to Z garbage' and writing that 'I can smell BS' when another one star verdict comes in.

Featured Image Credit: Trip Advisor

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