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Lads rate top five beers they would have on pump in their pub in viral trend

Lads rate top five beers they would have on pump in their pub in viral trend

A debate has broken out on TikTok regarding what the 'best' drinks to have on draft in a bar are

A TikTok user has caused a stir on social media after asking beer fiends what their dream pub pint line-up is.

Earlier this week, TikToker Mitch Tucker took to the platform and posted a clip detailing the five alcoholic beverages he would have on draft in his dream bar.

Opening the now-viral video, the content creator began: “Lads, if you were to have your own boozer, what five pumps would you have?”

After explaining he’d been inspired to discuss the subject after listening to a podcast on the same topic, he dived into the alcoholic options he would select.

“So, coming in at number one is the holy grail of all pints - an Asahi. Lads, you know how good an Asahi is,” he said before explaining his second choice would be Guinness.

Tucker claimed: “You can’t have a decent boozer and not have a good pint of Guinness but the only rule for my pub is the Guinness has to be good.”

The content creator disclosed the five alcoholic drinks he would have on tap if he owned a pub.

His third selection was a pint of Estrella while his penultimate pick was Inch’s Medium Apple Cider.

“Lads this isn’t going to be like my top five pints of lager because this is going to be a decent pub so we need to cater for everyone,” he said while discussing his decisions.

More than 2,000 comments regarding alcoholic options have been posted on the content.

His fifth and final choice was a Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA.

Since posting the content, Tucker has already wracked up more than 47,000 views on the video and has attracted 2,000+ comments.

After watching, many TikTok users have been inspired by the video and have listed the five pumps they would have on in their own pub.

One said: “Peroni, Guinness, Asahi, Thatcher’s Blood Orange (if you know, you know), Neck Oil.”

A second commented: “Matched four out of with with ya. man knows his pints.”

“I love walking (sic) into a pub and seeing Blue Moon on tap, you just don’t get it often and it’s a proper treat.”

On the topic of bars, this Halloween Kraken Rum is hosting an exciting and immersive drinks experience in London.

The event will see cocktail prices fluctuating depending on how high your heart rate is.

Dubbed ‘Screamfest VII: Shock Exchange’, the pop-up will see attendees strapping on a heart rate monitor before heading through a ‘horror gauntlet’, specifically designed to ‘test people’s resilience to fear’.

After ‘enjoying’ the spooky session, customers’ heart rates will determine whether or not they get discounted drinks.

Those on the edge of their seats could end up paying £7 per drink, while those with a penchant for horror could bag a beverage for just £3.

The Kraken Rum Halloween event is being held in London’s Clerkenwell Catacombs between 26 and 28 October and tickets cost £10.

Anyone looking to attend the event will have to sign a waiver beforehand.

It should also be noted that pregnant people and those who suffer from either claustrophobia, epilepsy or a heart condition have been advised to give it a miss.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mitchtucker

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