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Head of McDonald’s Menu assures ‘best burger ever’ isn’t gone forever

Head of McDonald’s Menu assures ‘best burger ever’ isn’t gone forever

Although, new changes mean the burger would be slightly different

The Head of Menu at McDonald’s UK has assured the ‘best burger ever’ won’t be gone from the menu forever.

We all have our favourites when it comes to securing a scran from the fast food chain, be it the new McCrispy Deluxe, a Big Flavour Wrap or perhaps even a Filet-O-Fish.

But for some diners it’s a specific beef burger that comes out on top and unluckily for them, it was taken off the menu last week.

Fans were gutted to hear their beloved Big Tasty was ending its limited run at McDonald’s, saying they were ‘McDevastated’ and couldn’t believe the ‘best burger’ was ‘leaving again’.

So, as diners mourn the loss of the saucy, cheesy burgers, LADbible spoke to the Head of Menu at the golden arches in the UK.

And it turns out there’s really no reason to be getting too worked up about the Big Tasty’s absence.

Fans called the Big Tasty the 'best burger ever'.

Thomas O’Neill says ‘we all know it’s a real customer favourite’ as he reminds us that McDonald’s ‘bring it back a couple of times a year’.

“There are no plans to change that, we’ll still turn to that product every now and again at certain moments in the year,” he assured.

“It's a different proposition to the core beef burgers we have. So big tasty, its sauce flavour profile is very different to anything else we’ve got and the customer base is very different.”

So don’t start getting your knickers in a twist lads, you can be sure the Big Tasty will once again make a return to the menu at some point - McDonald’s seems all too aware how much fans love it.

Although when the burger does return to Maccies menus in the UK, it will be ever so slightly different.

The restaurant has made changes to how it prepares beef burgers.

That’s because changes have been made to the way the restaurant cooks and prepares its beef burgers.

Included in this is the beef getting a ‘tighter sear’ on the grill, resulting in ‘hotter and juicer’ patties which therefore means an ‘even smoother’ texture of the cheese as it will melt more.

O’Neill adds that these grill settings are now in place for all of McDonald’s beef so ‘all of our beef burgers will benefit from that’.

He also reminds diners that the recent Big Tasty already benefited from an upgraded bun with more of a glazed top.

Included in the changes to McDonald’s beef burgers is a ‘new buttery, brioche-style recipe for a soft and pillowy textured bun’.

So when you’re having your midnight Big Mac this weekend (dreaming of the return of the Big Tasty) you might notice changes to the patties, grilled onions, lettuce, meltier cheese and new buns.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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