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McDonald’s has scrapped its ‘best burger ever’ as it launches brand new menu

McDonald’s has scrapped its ‘best burger ever’ as it launches brand new menu

Hopefully it's au revoir, not goodbye

McDonald's fans are bidding a sorrowful farewell to a favourite menu item as the fast food giant shuffles their menu around for another month.

It's the time of the month when Maccies give a bunch of menu options their marching orders and bring in some new things, but there's always going to be people who really liked what was already there.

We've already seen plenty of sorrow for the loss of the Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie which many people thought was a perfect dessert.

However, plenty more are weeping in the streets at the loss of the 'best burger ever', the much-loved Big Tasty.

It's not a complicated burger, essentially just being a decently chonky cheeseburger, but that's part of the charm and now we've got to say goodbye to it until the McDonald's gods decide it can return.

You'll be back... right?

The whole Maccies menu is being shaken up as following the pie and burger out of the door are the KitKat McFlurries and the Mozzarella Dippers.

In their place comes Halloumi Fries, the Creme Egg McFlurry, the Galaxy Truffle Bunny McFlurry and a Hot Cross Bun Pie as well as the Hot Cross Bun Latte, whatever that's supposed to be like in drinkable form.

Meanwhile, to make up for the departure of the Big Tasty there's the incoming McCrispy Deluxe burger, but for many Maccies fans it's just not going to be the same.

For years the Big Tasty has been one of the most beloved menu items at McDonald's with plenty of jubilation every single time it makes a triumphant return.

Maccies fans have said they 'can't believe it's leaving again' and that they're 'McDevastated' by this news, and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

Just look at how delicious that is.

Others reacting to the menu changes welcomed the addition of Halloumi Fries as they are 'unreal' while many more demanded the return of the Chicken Supreme.

There's always going to be sorrow when some of the fan favourites are here for a good time and not a long time.

Like the seasons they come and go, but are far more edible, so it's safe to assume that the Big Tasty will be coming back at some point as though it may have joined the swirling ranks of McDonald's menu options that have currently been flung into the void they (almost) always return.

Right now it's only a question of how long we have to wait.

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's

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