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Those funny moments where you should have read the small print

Those funny moments where you should have read the small print

Everyone has been fooled by the small print, so giffgaff are stepping up as the hero of small print injustices with their new good contracts

Have you ever had one of those moments where you wished you’d read the small print? You know that tiny, almost illegible text at the bottom of contracts, agreements, and packaging? We've all been guilty of skipping it, believing it to be some lawyer jargon that only "responsible adults" should care about. Which is why giffgaff are stepping up as the hero of small print injustices. Not only do their new good contracts have surprisingly good small print, but they’ve also saved the day in relation to one hilarious small print fail that involves a so-called miniature pig that just kept on growing…

But first, let’s look at some other examples of when failing to get into the fine print can lead to some unexpectedly amusing results.

From discomfort to diarrhoea

Paint the scene, imagine thinking you were taking some run of the mill hayfever tablets, but instead, you unknowingly popped a couple of laxatives! Talk about a surprise cleanse you never signed up for. Forget running a marathon; there’d be a new record for sprinting to the bathroom! The lesson here is - always read the label before taking anything!

Being head and shoulders above the rest in your cooking class

So, picture this culinary catastrophe: you eagerly signed up for a cooking class, ready to whip up some mouthwatering masterpieces. Not paying too much attention to why you got such a bargain on the class, you walk in and realise you’re surrounded by pint-sized sous-chefs who barely reach the kitchen counter! Yep, turns out you’ve signed up for a kids only cooking class. Well, let's just say your dreams of becoming the next Gordon Ramsay would turn into a proper kitchen nightmare.

A tale of two cities

Who doesn’t love a bargain? And with travel becoming increasingly expensive, you’d be forgiven for clicking “book seat” when you find an affordable trip before you’ve properly checked out the details. However, if you're ever planning a getaway, make sure you're reading the fine print and double-checking those destinations. Did you know there are so many cities that have the exact same name, despite being in completely different places? There’s a Glasgow in Montana, a Paris in Texas, and there’s even a Manchester in New Hampshire! Talk about confusing. Imagine packing your bags to visit ancient Egyptian monuments in the historic city of Memphis and ending up in Tennessee!

Teacup pig turned ten tonne beast

Keen to right the wrongs suffered by those caught out by the hidden fine print, giffgaff has stepped in as the hero of small print injustices by building a pig ark to house a fully grown porker that was supposed to stay teacup sized!

Because what do you do when your "miniature" pig is actually a jumbo pig in disguise? You thought you'd be sipping tea with a dainty little companion, but this piggy would rather stick his head in a trough. Remember that cute Instagram post you planned with the tiny piglet in your hand? Now you need a wide-angle lens just to fit this hefty hog in the frame! Forget about carrying him around like a fashion accessory; this pig could probably carry you! Well this actually happened and the pig in question, Sir Elton John, quickly outgrew his current surroundings - much to his owners’ surprise.

And that’s when giffgaff stepped in with this small print save. The amazing giffgaff pig gaff is fully kitted out with everything a full sized pig could want and even has a bespoke pig cam for its owners to check up on him!

With giffgaff, there are no hidden nasties or unpleasant “gotcha” moments.They really are the small print heroes we deserve.

Find out more about giffgaff’s good contracts here.

Featured Image Credit: giffgaff