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Expert says there’s one ‘clear’ warning sign your relationship is on its ‘deathbed’

Expert says there’s one ‘clear’ warning sign your relationship is on its ‘deathbed’

He reckon's there's an obvious sign couples need to look out for

An expert reckons there’s one obvious sign that your relationship is on its last legs - in case you were wondering.

In an ideal world, our intimate relationships would be nothing but happy times and good vibes, but as anyone who has been in a long term partnership can tell you, that’s rarely the case.

Whether it's squabbles about whose turn it is to put the bins out or their annoying habit of leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor - most relationships require a bit of compromise.

But how do you know when you really ought to stop putting in the hard work and call it a day?

Well, life coach Rick Netshiozwi says there’s one clear sign your relationship is in its death throes.

In a TikTok clip shared with his 404,000 followers, he explained: “You don’t hug each other anymore. The kissing is not the same anymore or it’s not done as frequently as it used to be done.

“When you sleep, the person’s half is their half, that other is your half. Your feet don’t even touch anymore.”

Netshiozwi said this situation likely meant your relationship was on its ‘deathbed’.

“Touch is a critical component for marriage,” he continued.

Personally, the idea of someone's feet touching mine in the night is enough to make my skin crawl and it seems I'm not alone.

Plenty of folks didn't agree with Netshiozwi and said they'd clocked up many happy years without worrying about their toes touching while they were trying to have a kip.

One life couch thinks bedtime cuddles are an important part of marriage.
Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

One seemingly happily married TikTok user said: “We are both in our 50’s. We sleep in different bedrooms because we both snore. I can’t remember the last time we kissed. Thirty-five-years so far.”

Someone else who was three decades into their marriage also chipped in: “Or maybe they just achieved a new level of comfort and the next step in marriage.

“We already did all that, now we want our bedtime.”

If sleeping with your partner is starting to do your head in then, then a sleep expert has suggested giving the ‘Scandinavian sleeping method’ a try.

The ‘Scandinavian sleep method’ consists of each person in the bed having their own duvet.

Couples are increasingly becoming 'sleep divorced'.

Long gone are the days of the duvet fights at 3am, where three quarters are wrapped around your partner's body, whilst you have one toe covered, freezing to death.

Sounds good, eh?

The Levitex TikTok account, where the video was originally posted, says: “It’s an opportunity to have your own sleep environment, whilst not having to go through the sleep divorce of sleeping in separate rooms.

“I personally love it because you get to really navigate what you do with your own warmth, without disturbing your partner, and then you both get to stay in the bed.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ricknetshiozwi_official/

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