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Couples urged to try ‘Scandinavian sleeping method’ which could ‘save relationships’

Couples urged to try ‘Scandinavian sleeping method’ which could ‘save relationships’

This sleeping method which couples have been doing for ‘years’ could save your relationship, says a sleep expert.

This sleeping method that couples 'have been doing for years' could save your relationship, says a sleep expert.

We all have our own little weird sleeping quirks - some like to be buried in the duvet, whilst others like having a podcast playing in the background to help them drift off.

However you sleep, it can sometimes cause rifts in a new relationship - especially when your sleeping habits don’t really complement one another.

Some couples choose to have different rooms and have been happily married for years. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like starfishing on a double bed all to yourself.

But some couples feel the intimacy of sleeping next to each other, and of course the cuddles are too important to miss out on.

Well, what if we told you there was a way you could have your own sleeping environment, whilst still sleeping in the same bed as your partner?

Sounds ideal, right?!

The 'Scandinavian sleeping method' could save you from sleep divorce.
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A sleep expert on TikTok has revealed the ‘Scandinavian sleeping method’, which could reportedly help save relationships.

Unfortunately, it won’t help with your significant other’s snoring, so if anyone creates a ‘method’ to eradicate that, drop us a line.

The ‘Scandinavian sleep method’ consists of each person in the bed having their own duvet.

Long gone are the days of the duvet fights at 3am, where three quarters are wrapped around your partner's body, whilst you have one toe covered, freezing to death.

We’ve all been there.

The Levitex TikTok account, where the video was originally posted, says: “It’s an opportunity to have your own sleep environment, whilst not having to go through the sleep divorce of sleeping in separate rooms.

“I personally love it because you get to really navigate what you do with your own warmth, without disturbing your partner, and then you both get to stay in the bed.”

Couples are increasingly becoming 'sleep divorced'.

Some people in the comments said they had already been using this method for years, and branded it a success!

One said: “My partner and I have a duvet each, with different tog values too as we have very different tolerances to heat. It works great!”

Another said: “We’ve been doing this for years. Got fed up with him hogging the quilt, easier to change the cover too!”

A third, however, asked a very valid question: “But how do I make the bed look pretty?”

Sometimes we have to compromise the small stuff for a good night's sleep, that’s all we’re saying!

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo / TikTok/@‌levitex

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