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Passengers have flocked to social media to share their shock about being served KFC on a British Airways flight.

Flight food isn't anything to get excited by at the best of times, although British Airways is still definitely up there.

But if I had the option of getting a KFC instead? Where do I sign up?

Alas, some people weren't quite as happy with their alternative in-flight finger-lickin good food options - or lack of - and swiftly took to social media to complain.

Not all passengers were licking their fingers over the only in-flight catering option.
Getty Images/ Alex Tai/ SOPA Images/ LightRocket

Footage - posted to Instagram by Ian Morgan who runs Lorockmor Working Dogs (@lorockmor_working_dogs) - shows flight attendants armed with KFC buckets, making their way down the aisle to hand out pieces of chicken to all onboard.

One passenger can be heard saying: "Please sir, can I have some more?"

The recording stops as the person behind the camera is told to 'put the phone down'.

"We don't want to take any videos," someone can be heard saying in the background.

British Airways staff were caught on camera handing out food from the KFC buckets.
Instagram/ @lorockmor_working_dogs

Ian's caption says the flight lasted 12 hours from Turks and Caicos to Heathrow and according to, the KFC was handed out during a stopover in Nassau in the Bahamas.

Ian's post continues: "@british_airways had forgotten food for all there passengers so on the scheduled stop at Bahamas they got KFC buckets and handed out ONE chicken leg per passenger, absolute disgrace, they then said they would be handing out vouchers as we let the plane which myself and travel partner never received.

"Absolute disgrace how do you forget the catering for a 12 hour flight?"

Passengers were reportedly handed 'one piece' of chicken each.
Instagram/ @lorockmor_working_dogs

Other passengers took to Twitter to reflect on getting a KFC bucket which wasn't really part of the bargain.

One user said: "@British_Airways just landed @HeathrowAirport after a 12.5 hour flight BA252 from Turks and Caicos with no catering!

"BA had to serve @kfc at Nassau giving some lucky passengers one piece of chicken. The container with the plane catering wasn’t chilled so all thrown away!!"

One piece of chicken is certainly a very sad states of affairs when my typical order would be a whole bucket and a half to myself.

BA replied to the passenger: "We're sorry to hear about the on board catering issue, Andrew. If you'd like to raise a new complaint, please visit [link]…. Linda."

Other users stuck up for the airline, with a flight attendant from a different airline noting they 'understand the frustration' but arguing the blame should lie with the 'catering company, not British Airways'.

Another user wrote: "While this seriously sucks life happens, things go wrong. Apply for the appropriate compensation and be grateful for the opportunity to travel and a safe flight over the ocean. Things can always be worse."

A spokesperson for British Airways told LADbible: "Our teams sprung into action and made sure our customers had something to eat.

"We apologise to customers that their full meal service was not available and we had to wing it on this occasion. We're sorry if we ruffled any feathers."

They added that passengers were provided with a refreshment voucher on landing.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@aktivandrew/Instagram/lorockmor_working_dogs

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