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Brit books cruise charging just £38 per night and has huge surprise

Brit books cruise charging just £38 per night and has huge surprise

She described the cruise as an 'adventure'

A British cruise-reviewer has revealed what £38 a night will get you on board a cruise ship and the results may surprise you.

Content creator Emma - who is known as @emmacruises online - shared a TikTok giving her full review and low-down on everything she loved and hated about the experience.

She spent a week on the 'Cruise Critic’s worst-rated' cruise line where apparently only ‘four percent of guests speak English’ onboard.

In the video, Emma said: “For £38 per night I didn’t go into this cruise with huge expectations.

Emma was on board the Costa Smeralda.

“The ship turned out to be so much better in some ways, and so much worse than I could have imagined in other ways.

“This cruise was certainly an adventure.”

The boat is called the Costa Smeralda and was built in 2019.

Before boarding, Emma noted that one of the most important parts of the cruise experience for her was the food, and claimed it had been left some awful reviews in the past.

She set sail in Barcelona for seven nights around the Mediterranean.

Walking into the central part of the ship, she was surprised by the decor and described it as ‘light, bright and modern’.

It’s looking good so far!

The content creator described the cruise as an 'adventure'.

Emma said: “I was really impressed with this space.”

The Brit bought a soft drinks package for her time on the boat, providing her with unlimited soft drinks.

It came at the cost of €27 (£23) a day.

Heading for her first meal of the day which was lunch, Emma walked down to the main dining hall.

She said: “I was nervous as I had read so many bad reviews about Costa’s food.

“But it was here that I found one of my favourite things on the ship.”

Emma noted lots of positive things about the cruise.

Emma found a machine that washes your hands for you before eating.

She added: “You just put your hands in the water and the soap spins around and stops when it’s done.”

Talking about the meal, the TikToker said: “The food was very good at this point, and I hoped it would be for the rest of the cruise.”

Emma noted lots of positive things about the cruise, explaining how refreshing the interior was, and staircases even catered for blind people with directions in braille.

However, there were a couple of problems she found.

She said: “If you’re not okay with kids and babies, I’ll tell you right now this is not the cruise line for you.

“I have never, ever seen so many babies in one place.”

An inconvenience she spotted was that most of the seats in the theatre had a very restrictive view. This turned out to be because the theatre doubles up as a nightclub.

Towards the end of the video, Emma said: "I have been on cruise ships where the price was double or triple and the service was much, much worse than it was on this cruise.”

So all in all, the £38 per night cruise seems like a hit!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@emmacruises

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