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Woman shares brutal reality of cruise ship during storm that might put you off going on one

Woman shares brutal reality of cruise ship during storm that might put you off going on one

You are going to need your travel sickness tablets if you're heading onboard a cruise like this

A woman has left a lot of people reconsidering their cruising plans after sharing the brutal reality of what it is really like when a storm hits and you are out sailing the seven seas.

Popular travel vlogger Emma Cruises often shares details of her lengthy voyages along rivers and oceans online to educate people on what they are getting themselves in for.

But footage from her 12-night Christmas cruise, which she embarked on with her family in December last year, has managed to frighten the life out of her YouTube subscribers.

She explained that she 'knew she was taking a risk' when she climbed onboard P&O Cruises Ventura ship knowing she had multiple consecutive days at sea, while also heading through the notoriously choppy Bay of Biscay.

Emma said that although she has plenty of experience, she 'was not prepared' for how bad the journey would be - and for how long it would take.

Emma Cruises documented her experience onboard the P&O ship.
YouTube/Emma Cruises

Despite holding out hope that it would be smooth sailing all the way to Gran Canaria after the first couple days were 'relatively calm', the social media star couldn't have been more wrong.

Emma explained that things took a third for the worst on her third day of cruising, prompting the captain to make an early morning announcement warning passengers they would be encountering a patch of bad weather.

She said that herself, her mum and brother had dosed themselves up with some 'magical' travel sickness pills, but her dad was really suffering from the seasickness, which had been brought on by the rough waters.

The travel vlogger showed how the indoor pools were overflowing.
YouTube/Emma Cruises

"My dad's been on plenty of cruises and he said this is the first cruise where he has ever been repeatedly physically sick," Emma continued, explaining that it also became 'difficult' to simply walk around the ship.

The cruise content creator explained that Christmas decorations were rocking back and forth, doors were swinging open and shut, water was gushing out of the pools and the higher decks were closed off as a safety precaution.

She couldn't even take refuge in her cabin because all of her clothes 'were clinking around' the wardrobe and 'the curtains were swaying', which she said made the room 'look haunted'.

She said her dad was left violently sick due to the bad weather.
YouTube/Emma Cruises

The rough weather also managed to disrupt the entertainment on the P&O ship, as a theatre show was forced to be cancelled because they physically couldn't prance around on stage due to the vessel rocking back and forth.

Emma continued: "You can deal with one day of seasickness on a cruise, but we would say to each other, 'Oh well at least we'll be on dry land tomorrow'. How wrong we were."

She explained that two of her family members were 'bed bound' due to their seasickness, even though they didn't get much relief from lying down and feeling themselves 'rolling side to side'.

Emma managed to capture part of the storm on camera.
YouTube/Emma Cruises

But arguably the most horrifying part of her trip across the ocean was when lighting woke her up in the early hours of the morning.

She recalled: "I pulled back the curtains and sat and watched it for a while. There is something amazing - but very, very terrifying - about storms at sea. Storms at sea in the middle of the night are unlike anything else."

Even though she thought it couldn't get any worse, she had a rude awakening when she woke up the next morning and found out the ship was physically unable to dock in Madeira due to safety concerns.

And we all know what that means - another sailing day for Emma.

God help her father at that point.

Wrapping up her travel diary, the cruise connoisseur said that it was 'by far the worst weather' she had ever encountered.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Emma Cruises

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