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Cruise ship worker shares payslip showing how much they make per month and people can't believe it

Cruise ship worker shares payslip showing how much they make per month and people can't believe it

Viewers are shocked at how much he makes

A cruise ship worker has been incredibly candid and revealed his monthly earnings to viewers.

The outcome is slightly different to this performer, who revealed how much she much she gets taxed despite working on a cruise ship as well:

Chris Wong is a British content creator with over 80k subscribers on his YouTube channel, Chris Wong Vlogs.

On the social media platform, he posts videos sharing his life experiences while working on a cruise ship - which are mostly vlogs or answering viewers' burning questions.

And with this video, which has over 376k views, he has gone into detail over just how much he earns in a month while working in a casino on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Chris introduces the video by saying that one of the most asked questions from viewers is to do with how much he earns, and he knows that by answering he will get a lot of views.

Smart move.

Chris has shared his earnings with viewers.
YouTube/Chris Wong Vlogs

He firstly shows his Royal Caribbean cruise ship payslip with all of his personal information scribbled out.

Chris then explains that he gets paid bi-weekly, and shows viewers exactly what they want to see, his net earnings of $1395.50 (£1100), which multiplied by two works out to $2791 a month (£2200).

But he also says that it can fluctuate as tips effect how much money he gets, though this figure is a good average.

But that's not all, as Chris pulls up his YouTube earnings page, being completely transparent with viewers about how much his channel makes him.

Despite earning $2790 a month from his cruise ship job, his YouTube earnings add even more to that.
YouTube/Chris Wong Vlogs

Picking the month of June in 2021, he reveals that he made $3788.81 (£3000), though this fluctuates on a bigger scale than that of his day job.

He says it could be anywhere between $1000 - $3000 (£785 - £2350) 'comfortably from YouTube ad revenue'.

When calculating the grand total, he takes the lower end of the scale though, adding $1500 to his monthly earnings of $2790 from the cruise ship to reveal that he earns $4290 (£3370) per month from his job and his YouTube channel.

Viewers have been left shocked by Chris' monthly earnings, and shared their thoughts in the comments.

One user commented: "Note to self: quit my job as a teacher and work in a cruise ship while making you tube videos."

Another said: "Thanks for showing the info from the YouTube income. I never imagined you could make that much!"

Others shared their appreciation of his transparency with his earnings, as one put: "I think u are the only true person who is not afraid to tell the world what u make. And u didn't lie about it, Much Respect!!!!"

A fourth also said: "Great video Chris! Not having the expense of food and shelter while on the cruise ship makes that money go even further."

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Chris Wong Vlogs

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