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Flight attendant explains grim reason why you should never take your shoes off on a plane

Flight attendant explains grim reason why you should never take your shoes off on a plane

Flight attendant explains that it's unhygienic to get your feet out mid-flight.

If you’ve ever felt the urge to get your clogs out during a flight, think again.

There is a certain level of etiquette when spending time on a plane, and oddly enough, keeping your feet in their shoes is on the list.

But why are people so up in arms about passengers baring their flippers?

According to on flight attendant, it’s down to the cleanliness.

If you think they’re going too far then you obviously haven’t heard about the flight attendant who hates passengers in shorts.

The person, who worked for British Airways for seven years, revealed that it’s one of the worst things you can do on a plane.

According to British passengers, taking your shoes off is a red flag.

Speaking to holiday provider Ocean Florida, they said: "My most hated habit is when passengers get their bare feet out on the plane," the flight attendant explained.

"Not only is it unpleasant for other travellers and attendants nearby but it’s also extremely unhygienic."

"While cabins are cleaned before every flight, there's rarely enough time to disinfect and deep clean floors and bathrooms. We'd never advise moving throughout the aircraft barefoot or just wearing socks - you never know what you might be walking on - especially in the bathroom."

So, you might be walking on human waste? Yuck…

However, it’s not just cabin crew who hate when you get your feet out, it’s everyone else.

According to a survey by Ocean Florida, 44 per cent of UK Brits listed taking your shoes off on a plane as a major red flag.

It doesn’t matter if you want to stretch your toes and air them out, just don’t do it in a small metal container floating through the sky.

Flight attendants want you to keep your feet in shoes.

Even though it’s tempting to do it if you’re on a long-haul flight, there are other things you can do which are public-friendly.

Abby Dunn, Marketing Manager at Ocean Florida shared her top tips for dealing with naked feet after making the 9-hour flight to Florida 42 times in the past.

She suggested: "The best thing you can do to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness while on long-haul journeys is to bring a pair of slippers which can be worn during the flight. You can even keep these to wear around your hotel or holiday villa while away, as well as on your return flight home."

But it’s not just icky feet ruining the mood.

Apparently, the flight attendant also believes that anyone clipping or painting their nails, talking on the phone during the safety demonstration or being rude is going to get on the wrong side of the cabin crew.

So, do everyone a favour and at least bring slippers.

Featured Image Credit: Jason Hosking/Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

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