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Dating expert shares 'five red flags' to look out for on first date

Dating expert shares 'five red flags' to look out for on first date

Not everyone you go for a drink with is a potential soulmate

Many of us have been there - the date you're on is going well, the person opposite you is nice and the drinks are flowing.

But then the inevitable happens. Enter the red flag.

We're not living in a fairytale and we know not everyone we go on a date with is going to be 'the one', but the moment that red flag is raised is the moment many know it's time to book that Uber.

Red flags are a modern way of saying you've stumbled across an unhealthy or manipulative characteristic in someone.

This can be on a date but also in the workplace or a group of friends. After all, we want to surround ourselves with decent people so keeping a red flag empty close circle is paramount for many.

One relationship expert has taken to TikTok to explain what she thinks are the five worst red flags when it comes to having a significant other.

Kimberley Rae is a relationships expert.

Kimberley Rae ( offers training classes on 'transforming your love life'. Occasionally she offers tidbits of advice on social media as part of her work.

In the video about red flags, Kimberley says something is 'probably off' if your gut instinct is saying this person isn't for you.

She follows this up with five specific situations you need to avoid at all costs.

In the video, Kimberley says: "If your gut instinct tells you something's off, it probably is. But here are a few specific things to look out for."

"One, they're super rude to waiters and talk badly about other people, especially their ex," Kimberly explained.

Being confrontational is a big no no.

"Two, they don't respect your boundaries and try to push you, whether it's drinking, staying out longer, inappropriate touching, or trying to get you to go home with them.

"Three, they're inconsistent. They'll show interest one minute, and then they're distracted looking at their phone the next.

"Four, they're super affectionate and shower you with compliments without really knowing anything about you.

"And five, they're really confrontational and challenge a lot of your thoughts and beliefs unnecessarily."

On number five, one viewer commented 'I will ghost!' to which Kimberley replied 'we're caspering!'.

Another said: "Wow, thank you so much."

Major red flags are sadly nothing new.

Just this week TikTok content creator Utsha Saha went viral after revealing a 'huge red flag' text she got from her date on his way to pick her up.

In the viral clip from last year, Utsha said: "So, I've dressed to get dinner tonight and this man is on his way, and he's booked dinner, and he's coming to pick me up."

But the situation turned sour when she cancelled on him after he text her calling her a 'shallow b***h' when asking her not to 'judge his car'.

Utsha said: ""I barely call my friends cuss words, and if we ever do playfully call each other b***h, it's like people I'm very close with.

"I have very little tolerance for cuss words, especially from men I go on dates with. So, this really threw me off."

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