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Actor who worked on nude cruise answers the common question people always want to know

Actor who worked on nude cruise answers the common question people always want to know

Passengers on nude cruises have to follow strict rules.

An actor who worked on board a nude cruise ship has answered the most common question everyone always asks about it.

Before this week began I had absolutely no idea that there were cruise ships full of naked people floating around our oceans, but you learn something new every day.

For the naturists among you who also enjoy hitting the high seas for a few days of rest and relaxation there are companies which provide such an experience, and the passengers have been talking.

One passenger described being part of a cruise of about 2,000 people where everyone was naked, or at least they were during parts of the voyage.

It sounds like a blast from the passengers' perspective, but what about for the staff members working on board the ship?

If the ship's approaching port it's clothes on, otherwise yes, they really are nude.
David C Tomlinson/Getty

TikToker actor Bren Friend has in the past worked on a nude cruise and shared his experiences of working on board.

He's also revealed the main question people were always asking about it, and it's a rather obvious one.

He said: "The first question I got a lot is 'were they actually naked?'

"Yes. Now there were obviously some rules, they couldn't be completely nude when we were still close to any major shoreline, any major port.

"We had to be X amount of miles outside of view. The cruise director would make an announcement saying 'all right, now is the time, do what you want'."

This tallies with what passengers on nude cruises have said was the policy regarding de-frocking, as clothes would be on when leaving the ship but once the vessel was a decent distance out of port normal service could resume.

The actor explained that the cruise ship would be rented out to a company for a few days and many of the staff who were normally used to working with children would suddenly have to pivot as kids weren't allowed on the nude cruise.

Bren had worked nude cruises in the past.

"All of these folks, instead of working with kids, they kind of got a little vacation from their job and they were on towel duty," the actor said.

"Towel duty basically means any time someone wants to sit down on any of the chairs or pool deck area or even in our performing arts centre there had to be a towel."

He described it as a 'very interesting job, for sure', though given that's the question everyone keeps asking it seems like some people struggle to wrap their heads around the idea of a nude cruise.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @bren_friend Flickr

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