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Strict list of rules on 2,000 person nude cruise which costs £2K per passenger

Strict list of rules on 2,000 person nude cruise which costs £2K per passenger

Don't break them

Holidays are what we make them. And for some, that includes stripping down to what Mother Nature gave you.

It's not for everyone, but the likes of nudist beaches prove very popular for some. Then you can take it one step further: enter the nude cruise.

When not conducting your bog-standard trips, Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Pearl cruise ship is transformed into a nudist's paradise for the Bare Necessities Tour and Travel company, run from Texas in the United States.

The naked extravaganza tours the likes of Mexico and Honduras after setting sail from Tampa, Florida, for a week of fun at sea.

Some 2,300 passengers can fit on the vessel, with the 'Big Nude Boat 2025' currently taking bookings for an 11 day tour before it sets sail next year.

One man has taken to Reddit to share his experience on the nudist trip, saying it comes with one particular rule - no photos. Fair enough really.

"There were many signs posted. There were a lot of staff from the charter company whose job it was to enforce good naturist etiquette," he wrote.

"And I've spent time online researching nudism and I've never seen a single online photograph from the cruise except for the group shots that people voluntarily pose for. For those reasons, I wasn't concerned."

But it's not the only rule, with Bare Necessities having a handy FAQ section for those interested in travelling nude.

Firstly, you have to wear clothes while docked in port, in the main and specialty dining rooms, and at the Captain's Gala Cocktail Party.

The Norwegian Pearl cruise liner is turned into a naked paradise.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It doesn't have to be fancy - it can be casual wear.

But the company stresses that it cannot be lingerie or fetish wear. Even robes are banned while in the above setting.

Outside of these times, 'you may be nude throughout the ship morning, noon, and night', it says.

When it comes to etiquette, the firm says 'use common sense', adding it's 'not any different from proper etiquette in any other social situation'.

Formal wear is sometimes expected on cruise ships, with them regularly having formal nights to participate. But Bare Necessities is all about having a good time in a comfortable setting, with them not required at any point.

"Casual attire is acceptable at all times. This includes at the Captain’s reception," the company says.


There's also rules when it comes to having more than two people in one cabin room.

Bare Necessities says it's completely fine, explaining that the cost of a third or fourth person will vary from cruise to cruise 'but is always a fraction of the full stateroom cost'.

It says: "If you plan to do this, be sure to pick a stateroom that is equipped with extra beds such as a pull-out sofa. Our agents will be happy to assist you in identifying these cabins."

On the flip side, if you're travelling solo you can also request a roommate, with the company saying it'll help you in doing this.

It says: "We prefer that you not confirm your reservation until a traveling companion has been found. We will place you on our wait list and put you in touch with others looking to share a cabin. In order to add you to our list, you must be ready to book a cabin."

The cost to travel on the nude boat is around $2,500 (£1,965) per person, with the most luxurious cabin available at $33,155 (£26,021) for a two person cabin.

LADbible has contacted Bare Necessities for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images/Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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