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Man who went on 2,000-person nude cruise says 'everyone knew' one rule they had to follow

Man who went on 2,000-person nude cruise says 'everyone knew' one rule they had to follow

"Most people were nude most of the time"

When it comes to how we spend our summer holidays, we all have different preferences.

Some people like to explore the sights of historic cities, while others like to lay back and relax on an exotic island retreat.

But some get their thrills by spending time on a massive cruise ship with 2,000 other people - all of whom are naked.

Upon disembarking a '2,000 person nude cruise,' one man took to Reddit to share what it's like, including the one rule everyone must follow on board.

The trip, organised by Texas-based company Bare Necessities Tour and Travel, set sail from Tampa, Florida, and allowed passengers to take in the beauty of the likes of Mexico and Honduras during its seven days at sea.

NCL's Norwegian Pearl is Bare Necessities' 2025 Big Nude Boat.
Bare Necessities

The anonymous man said the trip, which cost around $2,500 (£1,965) per person, was 'awesome' and reiterated that it was 'not a swingers cruise or a sex positive environment' and 'this was a crowd with lots of nudist experience'.

But there were some stipulations all passengers had to abide by.

To start, he explained how the captain would make an announcement about 30 minutes after exiting a part about 'when clothes can be removed.'

"Same, in reverse, going into port," he said.

He also stressed that there was no obligation to remove your clothes if you didn't want to, however, 'most people were nude most of the time.'

Opening up the thread to questions from curious Redditors, one user asked: "Do you carry a towel everywhere you go? It seems rather gross to have multiple naked sweaty bodies sitting or laying on everything that everyone uses."

The man responded: "Yes. One must only sit with a towel under one’s bare butt. There are clean towels all over the ship."

As for the most important rule of all: no photography.

Adding that this was a rule 'everyone knew', he explained: "I was much less worried here than I have been at nude beaches. Almost no one had phones with them outside their cabin.

"There were many signs posted. There were a lot of staff from the charter company whose job it was to enforce good naturist etiquette.

"And I've spent time online researching nudism and I've never seen a single online photograph from the cruise except for the group shots that people voluntarily pose for.

"For those reasons, I wasn't concerned."

LADbible has contacted Bare Necessities for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Bare Necessities Travel and Tour/Instagram/@cruisebare

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