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People horrified after realising planes have disturbing area which could be used without you knowing

People horrified after realising planes have disturbing area which could be used without you knowing

Even the recently deceased need to travel

As you travel around, it's sometimes best not to think about exactly what's going on around you.

Whether you go by plane, train, automobile or boat the idea is to provide you with a decently comfortable environment and you shouldn't think too hard about what's happening behind the scenes to get you from A to B.

If you go by plane then there's a whole other world for the crew to inhabit which you don't get to see.

But while the crew need places to eat and sleep, down below in the luggage hold there might be something other than everyone's suitcases.

From time to time a plane will be required to transport a certain type of cargo, which is to say that sometimes your luggage will be packed into the same space as a dead body.

Passenger planes may be carrying more than you expect, but it's all part of the job.
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As a passenger, you wouldn't even know that beneath your feet and besides your luggage was a coffin containing a dead body, and it's possibly better that you don't know.

It's quite similar to cruise ship passengers realising there's a morgue on board the boat, so if someone dies on board they have a place to keep the body until they next arrive in port.

It may sound a bit morbid but it's just one of those things which needs to exist should the worst happen.

TikToking baggage handler @islandvib33 demonstrated exactly how it works in a viral video which showed him and his colleagues loading a coffin onto the plane.

It was the first thing to go into the luggage hold and the video then showed airport staff piling up people's bags around it. At the end of the day, it was another piece of cargo which needed to be carried by the plane.

The realisation that their plane might have a dead body on board came as a shock to many people.

One said they now had a 'different level of respect for baggage handlers' as they said it couldn't have been an easy job.

Another was disturbed by the fact that a person's body was being put in the hold 'along with other luggage', but since it needs to be done, there has to be somewhere for them to go.

Others who worked for airlines and did the same job said it was often the 'hardest part', especially during the times when they had known the person in the coffin.

Several others commented on the video to say that their relatives had been returned to them in a similar manner.

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